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Villago Middle School

Casa Grande, AZ
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 882


Villago Middle School
574 East Lakeside Parkway
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
(520) 423-0176
Villago Middle School is located in Casa Grande, AZ and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Teachers looking for a job: In today's teaching job market, you may be desperate...but you're not THIS desperate. Trust me. You will be subjected to constant scrutiny, made to sit through hours of worthless training. You will be treated like an imbecile. If a parent complains (valid or invalid concern) YOU will be at fault, YOU will not be supported by administration. If you're looking for autonomy as a teacher, you will not get it here. If you're looking for a respectful wage, you will not get it here. They will not be forthwith and tell you that $4-5k of your salary is dependent upon "bonuses" that can easily be revoked. They will also forget to mention that you will need to take an SEI class to keep your job (until it's said and done you will pay $250-500 to keep your job here). They will not help with a dime of this money, or your relocation (if needed). They are passive aggressive and most of the staff is toxic, having a very cliquish mentality, and if you don't play the part, you will be exiled. I'm telling you potential teacher, DO NOT apply. DO NOT take this job if offered. This school is all about going through the motions to look good, but not actually doing it.
I am one of the former staff members of Villago Middle School. It is one thing to see it from the child's perspective, which is many times valid. Even parental concerns are valid many times; however, it is different from the staff perspective. The current principal, is pushing "spark," which is rehashed attachment theory - a criminal justice theory that doesn't work. The principal is pushing education theory that is making students and staff more and more self-centered. Another issue is that the staff, in many meetings, exhibit the same behavior that they condemn in students. This is hypocrisy at its best. Another issue, as well, is that meetings between teachers have become gossip sessions instead of a time to address concerns. This raises the concern that there is special treatment among the staff. Upon recognizing these issues, I realized that it is causing a trickle down effect on students and new staff members. With staff members attempting to destroy each other, it is no wonder that the education system is falling apart. I hope that parents can work together to reverse the tide of darkness that looms over our once brilliantly shiny education system.
This is one of the worst schools I have ever had to attend. The staff is disrespectful and looks down on the students. They don't care if the students are learning the material that is being taught. I have struggled with math a lot this year and I think it is because one of our math teachers quit mid-year and the staff couldn't be bothered to find a replacement. During the year we had people come in to grade our school and the teachers were told to be on their "best behavior". The staff doesn't care about the students and I am glad to be going to high school finally.
As a teacher at Villago, we have an outstanding team of educators who are each passionate and progressive in our teaching styles. Most schools are struggling to embrace the Common Core guidelines, while we have teachers who have already implemented them into our classrooms. As with all schools, there are weaknesses but overall our programming before, during and after school encourages student leadership and exploration . We have an outstanding Student Council, Band, NJHS, drama, robotics, science olympiad and journalism program. We have high expectations for both academics and behavior. Our staff doesn't solely believe in a punishment based system. We work with each child to develop a relationship first, and use referrals as a final resource. Your child's experience at Villago would be a strong one.
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