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Echo Mountain Intermediate School

Phoenix, AZ
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  • Grades 2-6
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  • Enrollment: 421


Echo Mountain Intermediate School
1811 East Michigan Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85022
(602) 449-5600
Echo Mountain Intermediate School is located in Phoenix, AZ and serves grades 2-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Student drop off is a joke. One of office staff is so rude I can t believe she still has a job. The front office staff is in charge of the kids that get sent to the principal. I ve witnessed a child standing up instead of sitting down. Who knows how long he was made to stand. The make your day program is teaching the kids to be tattle tails. If a student says a kid has done something then the kid gets into trouble for it, no matter if staff saw or heard what happened. I watched a teacher embarrass a student. Student was almost in tears. The parent had to take the child to a counselor due to the situation and bearing the $$. The lunch lady is rude and even ruder to the kids. She is known for making snide comments. One morning dropping my child off in the parking lot, a teacher read me the riot act. She acted like a lunatic. This was done in front of my kid. She told me I couldn t use the parking lot. Funny part is that there s spots for parents to park in the lot. I ve watched her with her students and she s not very kind at all. The AIMS scores are just above 50% passing. I chalk it up to bad teaching and low morale of the students. I wouldn t send my dog to Echo Mountain.
The teachers my son have had were pretty involved in his progress, which made me pretty happy. He went there for 2 years, 1 at EMP and 1 year at EMI. The second year was the worse mainly because the front office staff. They aren't friendly at all and the records secretary is beyond rude. One of the main reasons I decided to move out of that districts. But I did really enjoy that they offered after school programs, which he really enjoyed. But he did come home one day and told me how the records secretary was very rude to him and rolled her eyes at him about not remembering a phone number. They could improve by hiring new front office staff, or having them go through a customer service training class.
It honestly doesn't get much worse. As a parent the drop off changed 3 times this year and all of them are poorly managed. The current drop off is the old bus route and there is no SIDEWALK, except at the very front of the line.. its just a cement cliff. So you are forced to wait to drop your kid until the front. The campus is "secure" so all the entries are blocked other than 3 in the am. I understand locking it up when the bell rings but never opening them? Speaking of bells, In the handbook it says school starts at 8:45 but after 22 tardies I was notified she has to be in her line at 8:40 ready to go to class because if the line leaves she has to get a pass from the office. Kids may also not walk through the office to go to class they must go around, you have to drive all the way around the school again or drop your kid across the street. They follow "make your day" which means your kid is responsible for telling the teacher how on task they are, the teacher doesn't keep a record. If homework doesn't get turned in no one tells you until report card time. Events happen and you here about it day of.
The principal is not supportive of substitute teachers at all. Substitute teaching is a very challenging endeavor and should be backed by administration. Principal was very stand offish to me and did not make me feel welcome at his school. I asked the principal to intervene on behalf of several students regarding bullying situations but nothing was ever accomplished. Office staff is friendly and teachers are very hard workers.
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