The going carless trend has officially gotten to the point where even the AAA is giving you reasons to give yours up.

AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah is getting ready to roll out a fleet of Toyota Prius c hybrids in their very own car-sharing service. Per The Mercury News, “Gig” will give members the opportunity to immediately check-out a vehicle and drive it from one location to another whenever needed. 

There is no lot to pick-up or return cars. Instead, customers locate the nearest vehicle via the Gig mobile app. Once there, the app unlocks the car and allows them to drive it wherever they need, so long as the vehicle is returned to a “HomeZone.” HomeZones are designated as specific areas, which could be a parking lot or a series of blocks or even the bulk of a city’s metered parking spots, where you can park the Gig vehicle.

The service will launch at the end of April in Oakland and Berkeley. Much of both cities qualify as HomeZones, including the Park-N-Drive lot at Oakland International Airport. The hope is to expand the service into other areas but those places will have to allow for a free-floating system where cars are left in metered parking spots between rentals.

AAA is rolling out 250 Prius cars to start, all of which will have bicycle racks installed. Gas, insurance and parking come included in the price, which is $2.50 per mile, $15 per hour, or $85 per day. AAA members will get a 10 percent discount on the service.