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D.C.-Based Retail Design Competition Finalists to be Announced

The American Institute of Architects (AIA DC) will announce the shortlist of finalists for its “Shop, Meet, Thrive: Livability in the New American City” design competition on November 22. According to the competition website, the challenge is designed to “propose a future for retail in the livable city of the 21st century,” using Washington, D.C. as the backdrop.

AIA DC asked designers to think about the specific challenges of retail in Washington, D.C., and to describe and illustrate what that might look like. Designers should take into consideration D.C.’s existing structure, in terms of streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods. In addition, AIA DC asked designers to address how brick-and-mortar shops, urban warehousing, and residential life will evolve.

“Traditionally, local main streets with corner stores, community restaurants, and neighborhood shops were the suppliers of energy to sustain this civic ballet. Rapid suburbanization helped re-choreograph and focus this activity into shopping malls surrounded by sprawling roadways,” AIA DC wrote on the competition website.

“How will retail continue to be a part of the social life of cities, redefining its relation to streetscapes and the public realm?” AIA DC continued. “How can, and will, this change the face of retail, and thus, our communities?”

Individuals and teams of up to five people were able to submit their ideas by Nov. 15. Finalists will be asked to present their work to a jury at the CityAge Conference The New American City on November 29 at the City Club in the Downtown neighborhood. Entries will remain anonymous, and the jury’s decisions will be final. No review will be offered. Complimentary registration for the event will be included.

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