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Vail Wants to Build Affordable Tiny House Community for Teachers

The Vail Unified School District is looking to the tiny house trend to provide a community for its teachers, according to the Arizona Daily Star. 

What might be the nation’s first community for teachers could open in Vail, which hires 100 teachers a year. With the median household income in Vail is $83,000 and the median home price at $260,000, teachers with an annual income of $36,000 face obvious housing issues. Vail Associate Superintendent John Carruth along with other district officials came up with the idea of a tiny house community.

The trend seems to be making headlines in cities lacking space like San Francisco, and the minimalism of shipping container developments — like one development in Tucson — is also becoming popular for first-time homebuyers and retirees looking to downsize.

Set to be built on a 5-acre plot of land in downtown at Old Vail and Colossal Cave roads, the proposed development will host 24 tiny homes ranging between 250 and 400 square feet. Peppered with trees, the plans also include a central plaza area, picnic shelters, a laundry area, and a winding path to a community garden.

Though teachers are excited about the impending proposal, funding for the project seems to be an issue so far. The district is looking at several ways to finance the community, with the price to build the homes projected between $45,000 to $70,000 each.

Currently a Colorado School District is also looking at a similar plan, according to the Arizona Daily Star report. A Sedona charter school is considering a tiny home community for its employees, according to Darin Dinsmore, the Arizona representative for the American Tiny House Association, though the necessary permits have yet to be submitted.

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