A long-in-the-making project planned for Coral Gables—the biggest of its kind ever proposed for the city–recently got a new name and modified design, the Miami Herald reports. With these changes, the project is set to break ground sometime this year or in early 2018.

Previously called Mediterranean Village and now called the Plaza Coral Gables, the project was approved two years ago and in the works for much longer before that. The most recent plan has the project’s height reduced from about 218 feet to about 190 feet, including 136 apartments (down from 214 condo units), a high-end hotel, office space, restaurants, and retail.

After reducing the height and removing an underground parking garage planned for the site, the project will now cost $400 million to build.

Agave Ponce, the developer, is also contributing $2 million toward improvements for the nearby Ponce Circle Park as well as contributing $2.5 million to the city’s trolley system.

While lots of back-and-forth has occurred regarding specifics of the project, neighbors near the Downtown Coral Gables construction site just want something to happen after it sat left dormant for nearly 10 years. The Miami Herald reported concerns from neighbors including cracked sideways and uneven streets in the surrounding area, as well as trash and debris piling up. Approval from the City Commission came with a requirement that the developer begin off-site improvements six months within receiving an initial construction permit and must pay to restore the site if it is abandoned.

The project is scheduled to “substantially complete” by 2020 or 2021.