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Ramona-Bordered Elliott Pond Property Status Still Pending

The Ramona-bordered Elliott Pond property, owned by Jim Hagey, has been in a state of development limbo due to zoning issues. Following several meetings held regarding the property, the Ramona Design Review Board and the Ramona Village Design Group convened on Nov. 30 to discuss development plans

According to the official Elliott Pond website, the property would be “a return to an older kind of neighborhood, the kind built prior to 1940,” and “will be a dramatic departure from a conventional community.”

The San Diego Union Tribune reported on a vote on Nov. 2 by the Ramona Community Planning Group to only include the two northern parcels of the property in order to have mixed-use zoning (commercial, residential and outdoor activities). Hagey intends for Elliott Pond to have a farmer’s market, a tow square by the pond, and outdoor dining. Other plans include sidewalk cafes, a bowling alley, and small stores.

Until the zoning type is finalized, the future of Elliott Pond is unclear.

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