The Redwood City Planning Commission recently approved the construction of a 20-unit condo project proposed by Habitat for Humanity in downtown Redwood City.

Located at 612 Jefferson Avenue, the plan calls for a six-story structure with five one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom, and five three-bedroom condos. Units would be available to residents who make 80 percent of the county’s median income, which fluctuates based on household size. Per Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco, this would be the only affordable housing project in the city that is a 100 percent ownership opportunity.

As a tradeoff for the potential community impact of the project, the city allowed the project to provide only 15 parking spaces and less than the recommended common space area for ground-floor units. The nonprofit says they’ll work with residents to make it easy for transit and bicycling usage, cutting down on needs for vehicles.

Some residents expressed concerns given the project’s size and proximity to surrounding properties. One even threatened to take legal action if the building was approved at six stories, taller than the three-story surrounding structures.

Habitat for Humanity has already built 52 homes in Redwood City before this project.