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Edison Elementary School

Alameda, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 469


Edison Elementary School
2700 Buena Vista Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 748-4002
Edison Elementary School is located in Alameda, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Student Diversity



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Pacific Islander
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We are having an excellent experience at Edison, as do most families. The parent leadership and financial donations help accommodate the very low budget the school is given. Diversity is appreciated and applauded.The music, art, library, garden, sustainability, and PE programs are interesting, relevant and always being reinvented. We are undergoing construction that will improve campus safety. The office staff is super warm and friendly. The wonderful school community is why people move to be at Edison. (If you do become an Edison Otter - give back - in time, donations, and by joining the community, this is how you and your kids will gain the most from this school.)
We have had a fabulous experience at Edison. The new principal, Rob Slauson, is a force of nature - he is passionate about education and character, and is leading his team to excel. Our children have benefited from truly extraordinary teachers. The PTA is incredibly dedicated and provides resources for art, garden education, music, physical education, diversity and inclusion curriculum, and technology. Perhaps most importantly, Edison is a really inclusive and welcoming community. The office staff is wonderful, the teachers are great, and the parents are busy like everyone in the Bay Area, but genuinely love and support not only their children but the entire Edison community. Edison is the heart of our neighborhood and is transforming from a very good neighborhood school into a model of diverse, inclusive, and dedicated education. We feel very lucky to be there.
There are many great things about this school (amazing teachers and parents) but in the recent years it has gone downhill and many people are leaving this school, which is unfortunate. The principal/school leadership is the main reason for the school’s steady decline. She either does not address issues openly or directly, or will ignore things altogether. Most of the time, things are left unresolved or with a less than ideal resolution. Many of us felt that the best way to deal with her is to not deal with her. Most people hope not to have any reason to interact with her. Bullying has become an issue at this school; the “zero tolerance” phrase is just words with no meaning. The bullies are allowed to be bullies. Good teachers have left or have been driven out. This principal also allows staff to bully children on the playground, despite being aware of the staff member and this woman’s objectionable behavior. Other issues have come up where parents have organized and voiced their concerns in force about this principal and her lack of judgment, only to have nothing done. People stay away from direct confrontations with her though, because of the fear of recriminations towards their child. The parents remain dedicated but others have given up and moved on. Edison used to be the school that everyone wanted, sadly, not anymore. Look around before you commit, there are other options. If you ask around, you will find the current principal has a less than stellar reputation in the community.
I would like to respond to the reviewer who mentions/questions the use of PTA funds for SmartBoards. I am the current Edison PTA president, and have been on the Edison PTA board and involved in the budgeting for years. Most classrooms currently do have SmartBoards through the generosity of parent/community monetary donations. Since SmartBoards are expensive, the cost has been spread out over three years, so Edison PTA can support a variety of beneficial programs simultaneously. The details of that plan and pace have been extensively communicated to the Edison community, via meetings, school email, and the budget feedback and approval process. Nine boards have been purchased and installed to date, in classrooms where the teachers are ready and excited for them. The remaining five or six boards are slated to be purchased and installed in Fall 2014. It's surprising to me that, with the ongoing communication among PTA, parents, teachers and staff, that this reviewer would post a comment on this site, but not inquire with myself or the Edison's principal directly. Glad I at least saw and was able to respond to the comment here! All the best, Jennifer Hastings, Edison PTA president
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