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Albany Middle School

Albany, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 862


Albany Middle School
1259 Brighton Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 558-3600
Albany Middle School is located in Albany, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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It was painful. 3 years of constant battling, begging the school to communicate effectively with me as the parent. Begging for options to support my son academically, they have extremely low follow through, horrible communication protocol, they ignore emails, are slow, their administrators are not kind, they are not team players with the parents. Specifically VP David Haupert has a bully approach to his job, is a scary and mean man, with no patience or compassion, or agenda for student success. Humans like this don’t belong in public education. Sadly, my experience was painful, stressful, frustrating, and has ended very poorly and very tragically.
Overall this school is a wonderful middle school. My kid is in 6th grade, she loves all her classes and also music program too. She is really strong on Math and Science, and always complained about her class was so boring to her when she was in elementary school, but she likes and satisfies her Math and Science classes now in AMS. This year is 2018 and I don’t know how this school operated in the past(I surprised for low ratings below), but AMS is the only two middle schools in CA which awarded from Blue Ribbon program (and the only public middle school in CA), and all staffs and teachers are wonderful.
The school has introduced CPM as Math curriculum this year. The level of material covered is ridiculous, for first few months this year 7th grade students had to prove 2+2=4, writing essays about it. Although classwork and homework are very easy, boring, and repetitive, the tests are much harder and very often the questions in tests aren't covered by homework/classwork. Students are expected to write essays explaining even most trivial solutions. Very minimal direct teacher instruction in Math. Students are expected to drive to solutions themselves in preassigned groups of 4. 100% of the time it's group work, which means student success is tightly coupled with ability of his/her peers in a group, and their interest in learning Math/cooperating with peers. I strongly encourage to research about CPM curriculum before choosing this school. It works for some but not the others. CPM curriculum has been adopted by AHS as well this year. Sadly except for Math curriculum all the other aspects of school are great. I wish they held Math instruction to their own high standards too.
As a first AMS parent, I expected greatness from the school based on high API scores, community school support, and high rating, but instead became disappointed. The campus is clean and nice but for 6th grade in my experience there was a great lack of projects and homework. My child did more homework in elementary school. My child was finished in literally 15 minutes. In history, 90% of the time movies were shown for the whole period, the science teacher had a rolling cart of textbooks and no science classroom, so the students basically had no hands on science, and there was a drug overdose incident with several students on campus where kids had to go to the hospital. I still feel greatly disappointed in AMS. There also is a fair amount of teasing and bullying. I'm not sure what the hype is about this school. I'm not impressed. I'm hoping for a better year for my child this year.
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