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Carleton P. Lightfoot Elementary School

Alta Loma, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 550


Carleton P. Lightfoot Elementary School
6989 Kenyon Way
Alta Loma, CA 91701
(909) 989-6120
Carleton P. Lightfoot Elementary School is located in Alta Loma, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 10 out of 10
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If you're sending your child to Lightfoot, they are inevitably going to have a great education because the bulk of the teachers are incredible. They love their jobs and are very good at them! They are very dedicated to their students. The reason I cannot give 5 stars is because of the lack of leadership this school has endured since Rosann Marlen has been principal. The morale has never been so low. She is unprofessional with her staff and parents. There is no interaction between her and the students whatsoever. She is out of touch with what goes on in the classroom and does not support good teachers. I doubt if she ever even walks into the classrooms. She doesn't reprimand poor teachers nor guide them in the right direction. There is no expectation or follow through. Great teachers feel undervalued and poor teachers have no consequence. Which is such a shame because eventually these wonderful teachers will go elsewhere in order to feel supported. Poor teachers are now being moved to other grade levels so that test scores will rise which only adds fuel to the fire because now they don't have to administer the test and be evaluated. She gossips about parents and other teachers and says whatever she feels may avoid any confrontation because she is not a true leader. She spends school money on irrelevant things like a sub for her own personal tasks rather than give help to teachers or purchase materials that would benefit their teachings. In addition, she accommodates crazy parents because they raise a stink and threaten to sue. In the meantime, others with concerns get brushed aside. There is nothing in place for parents or teachers to do or someone to go to in order to voice these concerns. She is untouchable. Unfortunately, the only solution at this point is to hope she retires soon so that Lightfoot can reach its full potential.
Terry Embleton was one of the best administrators I've had the pleasure to work with as a teacher & as a parent. He was exceptionally skilled at balancing the sharing of enough of his own personal being while maintaining the distance required for him to make well informed, sound, appropriate administrative decisions, which made for the best work environment I experienced in any school. His exceptional leadership granted him the most deserved promotions. I hope he has continued to receive teacher staff and district personnel support.
I wish I could give this school 5 stars, but my daughter had a horrible 4th grade experience. She had a teacher that used bullying tactics on the children. She also lacked compassion, organization and had zero communication skills. We tried all year to make things right with her, only to be greeted by an uninterested, "whatever" attitude. She intimidated her students and nearly broke my daughter's self esteem down. I have spoken to 2 other parents who have all shared my opinion on her. The principal said she'd talk to her or we can file a formal complaint with the district. This was really disheartening because we absolutely enjoyed our Kindergartners teacher Mrs. Henry. She was fair and always kept us parents in the loop of everything going on in the classroom. She is the reason why we are giving this school another chance. We are just hoping that my 4th grader just happened to have had the worst teacher in the school. I guess time will tell.
My daughter went to this school from K-1st I was very dissapointed in the way my daughters 2 teacher had very negative attitude towards my daughter and me as parent. The principal only focuses on her staff and the parents are on the PTO. I was very glad to move my daughter to sister school.
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