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Esperanza High School

Anaheim, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1580


Esperanza High School
1830 North Kellogg Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 986-7540
Esperanza High School is located in Anaheim, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American
Two or more races

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If students needs special resources/ services 0 but everyday mainstream student 8. As mentioned above. Again this was few years back. Granddaughter now in the mist but elementary level. Recently moved to different district where she can get properly educated and not be a burden by low test scores in PLUSD future.
With todays climate its incredible that this place does not provide a social worker to work with students that need to be referred to potentially life saving support, teachers dont have a clear path to properly refer and report potentially life threatening conditions, and students complaints and fears are completely ignored. This place has proven to is run be inept administration. Dont let the 9 fool you, and do yourselves a favor stay away, and report your complaints until someone listens.
This school is plagued with weak leadership starting at the top and thats Dr. Fox. He has created an adverse environment with the community. He did this by not listening to students and involved parents as suggestions and complaints go unnoticed. If you read the reviews they keep getting worse and worse and thats the community giving their feedback that falls on deaf ears. When is the District going to step in and make leadership changes and turn things around at this once great school? If you notice, while Esperanza is in a decline while El Dorado and YL high are on the rise. Its not due to a shift in demographics as YL is a very involved and affluent neighborhood, its the leadership of this school. A principal couldn't ask for a better community for its student and parent base. The answer seems so simple; replace the ineffective leadership with new staff that care and are open to the wants and needs of the community.
Most teachers are great and really want to see the students succeed in life and reach their goals. However, other teachers are quite obviously there to get (not earn) a paycheck. The food could definitely be improved. As a student with blood sugar issues, I think it would be helpful if they sold healthier food in the vending machines and lunch line. For the most part, the teachers and administrators are accepting and supportive of LGBTQ students, but they could do a better job of preventing orientation based bullying so more of us can attend school without fear. There are a variety of clubs at our school, so there is at least one thing each student is a part of. There are two academies at our school, the medical sciences program and the engineering academy. The school does a wonderful job advertising and providing funds for the med academy, and they are very successful. Students in this academy can have an internship at a medical site during high school. However, the school could do a WAY better job advertising and fundraising for the engineering academy. I feel as though this academy is overshadowed, which is disappointing because this academy benefits many more students than the med academy because more people are a part of it. Our machine shop and welding equipment needs repairs, but the school does not provide us enough funds to fix our equipment. The benefits of the engineering academy are that students can learn solidworks and earn a certification they can use to get a job our if high school. Another benefit is that students can learn drafting and basics of many different careers in engineering to get an idea of what career they would like. Benefits of the welding and machine shop are learning how to use many different machines used in industry, and learning how to MIG, TIG, and acydeline weld. Students can get well paying jobs out of high school. Personally, my main complaint would be that the welding equipment and machines are in need of repair, and the school has not fixed them for 3 years.-Sophomore student
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