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Centennial High School

Bakersfield, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2022


Centennial High School
8601 Hageman Road
Bakersfield, CA 93312
(661) 588-8601
Centennial High School is located in Bakersfield, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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I would rate the experience as very poor. The disrespect Administration has towards parents is very bad. It also seems that most staff do not really care about the students. There is too many examples to list them all but they all add up. My son was called "Mike" instead of his name Kevin for two years straight. Then during the graduation ceremony they announced him as "Kyle" I suppose that I should be happy his diploma was correct.
This school has bullies for principal and Assistant Dean. My nephew is an 18 year old Autistic senior attending this school. He moved in with me because he was being mentally and physically abused at home. about 1 and a half years ago, the school was made aware, but his mother put on great show, so they did nothing. Recently, he received a small inheritance and his mother was upset she couldn't get her hands on it. when my mother passed, there was a family heirloom that she wanted another sister to have, but my nephews mother would never give it up. so when my nephew moved in, he brought it with him to give my sister, cause he knew that is what his grandmother wanted. So his mother, goes down to the school and talks to the assistant dean. they pull my nephew out of class, and the dean proceeds to threaten my nephew. He tells him, "It's a good thing you have that money cause now you can hire a Lawyer." and then tells him " your going to Lerdo (County jail). This dean was way out of line. He is not Law Enforcement. Educators are not supposed to get involved in Civil matters, let alone threaten students. shame on him and shame on my nephews mom for embarrassing him. I called the school and the District Office, and they said they would "look into it" and contact me. nothing yet. 1 week later, and I'm still waiting. No apologies or anything to my nephew. The principal called my nephew in and told him that the dean should not have got involved and would once again, "look into it." my nephew is scared and fears retaliation. These are not educators, they are bullies. And all this, to an autistic child. Do you want your kids going to a school that turns Thier heads to an abused child? if so, this is the perfect school for you. This principal, dean , and district makes the great teachers look bad. They should be ashamed of themselves.
This school is fantastic. My son relocated from another sate, and he loves it. Teachers and counselors are great they really care about the students. Sports however are very political. If you aren't related to the coaches or aren't from the area your child gets cut from the team regardless how talented you are. Very unfair.
Love, Love, Love this school!!! The staff is great; super kind and helpful. The teachers really take time to work with students that may be struggling. The school has high expectations for their students but they go the extra step and help guide students to meet and exceed those expectations. There is a reason that this school is so highly rated!!!!!
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