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Columbia Elementary School

Bakersfield, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 571


Columbia Elementary School
703 Mondavi Way
Bakersfield, CA 93312
(661) 588-3540
Columbia Elementary School is located in Bakersfield, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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I love Columbia!! My child loves Columbia. I am receive great communication from teachers, principal, and other staff members, which is something I did not receive from other schools.
Although we have great teachers who love their students and want each child to succeed, the test scores don't reflect this. I'm very disappointed. I know we've gone from No Child Left Behind to Common Core, which has been difficult for teachers, students, and even parents.  However, I'm hoping since we have transitioned to Common Core, grades as a whole will soon reflect the changes.One thing I've found at this school is a lack of leadership.  Even though the principal is well liked, I feel as if he isn't doing his job well.  I have seen many instances personally and generally that have made me question his abilities. I've been told that he'll be retiring this year, however, I am not looking forward to finding out who will replace him.  Because I know of a few candidates, I am hoping applicants outside the district will apply and will be equally considered.I know that customer service is lacking in all business types, but I think the office staff here at this school doesn't realize that customer service is important even in schools!  When a parent walks in, they are not greeted.  In fact, they are completely ignored.  This worries me because someone can walk through the door, onto campus, and they would never know who it was!  This HAS to be changed for the safety of all on campus, especially my children!Supposedly, this is the Best District in Bakersfield. I have been to more than half the schools within the district and I have not found that statement to be true.  Nothing I have seen has been exemplary and constitutes the district the title of &Best District in Bakersfield&.  I am not sure the Superintendent of the District is aware of any of my concerns.  It has been addressed to the principal, but gotten nowhere. I'm afraid to bring any of it up in fear of backlash and negative treatment towards my family.  That's why I decided to express my concerns here; in hopes someone will see it and something will be done.Although there are great positives about the school, the negatives outweigh them.  I know each school isn't perfect, that is why my children will stay.  As a family, we just trudge on.  We make the best of everything.  We continue to support our children in all they do and cultivate a love and respect for education.  We know they will be successful not because of the school they attend, but because they have very supportive parents!
AWESOME! Best school in Bakersfield, the principal loves all the kids and knows most by name. The principal and teachers are very involved in school functions and truly want all kids to succeed!
My kids are in thier second year at Columbia and we love it! The teachers and staff are amazing!!! One of my children has had some learning difficulties and the principal, spec ed team, speech teacher, etc have gone above and beyond to make sure he gets the help that he needs!!
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