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Skyline North Elementary School

Barstow, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 415


Skyline North Elementary School
36968 Camarillo Avenue
Barstow, CA 92311
(760) 255-6090
Skyline North Elementary School is located in Barstow, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I would have to say that Skyline North Elementary is overall a good school. I recently moved to the Barstow area and my four children initially attended Crestline Elementary (our experience there is by far of no comparison) and so I jumped at the opportunity for my children to attend a different school. I absolutely love the Lunch on the Lawn program and this is the only school I know of that supports family time in such a way. I believe that they are strict on discipline but at the same time, it is needed for many of our youth are lacking in this area. Parents please do not be offended but if this does not pertain to you, do not take it personal. We are living in different times where behavior has gotten out of control, bullying has become a serious situation and unfortunately results in much more than just a few hurtful exchange of words. I currently have four boys attending school and I know what I teach them at home but I will not be nieve to think that they are perfect and will not fall under the pressure of their peers and so, I am thankful that they attend a school that reinforces strict rules of being respectful, responsible, and safe. I met their teachers the day before school and I am quite pleased with outcome. My sixth grader absolutely loves his teacher and has only attended two days. He came home with this sudden interest in science and is just eagar to experience all that his teacher has in store for the class. I remember that feeling once upon a time...when you had a particular teacher that was set apart from the rest and motivated you to wonder more...inspired you to go beyond...that little spark of innocence and curiosity making your brain just tick tock with questions and wonder. From experience I would say that many teachers have lost this important aspect however, my son found a teacher that inspires him to learn. And I cannot ask anything better than that.
I am concerned about something... someone please tell me if I am wrong, but when I was leaving the school today on the south side of the school there seemed to be what looked like the playground for the school... There was a slide and a few other toys out there, the problem is that I did not See a FENCE around this area, there was no sign stating that it was a park, and with its close proximity to the school I can only assume that this is the schools playground, since I did not see any other areas that looked like a playground for the kids... this make me EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE if this is the playground area for this school that it could be so UNSECURED... there are a very high number of SEXUAL PREDATORS in the area surrounding the school according to the Megan's law website that by itself makes me nervous about my child in this school, then having a completely unsecured area for the kids to play at recess... Well that just scares the heck out of me what about you guys ???
The First Day of School was a disaster! I hope this is Not how the rest of the year is going to go... the office could not tell me what classroom my child was going to be in or who the teacher was. the office staff was nice but confused, I will cut them some slack because it was the first day of school. We the parents were told that we were not allowed to be in the classrooms on the first day to meet the teacher, which is Very unusual other schools my child has attended have an open door policy for the first day of school at least for the first few minutes to come in and see your child's classroom and meet the teacher guess I will have to wait for back to school night to meet the teacher and see the classroom, but who knows when that is I did not even get a school schedule, we don't know when holidays, Special Events, Report cards, or anything else will be coming up! I feel like we just dropped our child off at a teenage babysitter's house. I know it was only the first day of school, But they have not made a good impression on me or my wife so far, hope things improve quickly... I will continue to post my thoughts and observations here thru out the school year...
Skyline school has an awsome lunch on the lawn every week but teachers r not very observernt of were kids r on playgrounds esoasially kids they know may run off they just let them have free roam of playground and only pay attion to kids who r right in front of them and some teachers pick on kids everyday and give them bad reports even though they r spost to be in that school for specail needs.School dosent lesion to parents or students.
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