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Bell Senior High School

Bell, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2395


Bell Senior High School
4328 Bell Avenue
Bell, CA 90201
(323) 832-4700
Bell Senior High School is located in Bell, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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After reading all the reviews provided on the site I can not help but agree with the majority of what others have had to say. Most teachers in tracks B, C, and D do not care much for their students. Homework is not a priority for them but that does not mean they do not care and support them in any way possible. To be completely honest the staff is one of the biggest problems. The principals does not care and they are focussed on the MAGNET school. They receive most of the school's money and the best teachers are in that progarm, exculding a few whom are in A track. The teachers in the magnet talk trash about kids in regular classes or in AVID saying that we are not smart or could reach their "level." ANd as others said, unless you are in a sport no one cares for you. I was in a sport and there was bullying from the other kids and the coach felt as if my only priority had to be that sport and not my studies. I am a straight A student taking magnet classes, althought most teachers don't care, the onces that do have helped me achieve my goals and i can't wait to go into my dream university and show everyone at Bell that even us 'regualar' students have an oporunity in the outside world. At least we are babbied and arent given everything on a silver plater like magnet has.
Staff is rude with no manners, counselor Linares is horrible he acts like if he hates his job. The first day my daughters was scheduled to see him for her class schedule he discourage her from attending Bell, made her think gradation was impossible for her. Over all such of horrible experience and I can honestly say this person is so unethical. Thanks to patty at the counselors front desk and Mrs Torres head of counselors that made my visit a bit more pleasant.
Wow so many "community" members talking about "accountability" for teachers! You by chance wouldn't be from Families in Schools or some other teacher -bashing organization would you? Because most members of our community do not talk in such "talking point" language. By the way, Bell used to be a much better school but it now has the principal who was there when Fremont was reconstituted so if the school has gone downhill, look at him. When Scott Braxton was principal, that school was a well-oiled machine. Teachers and students were respected. Sad to say, that is no more.
i am a former student, until i felt the need to leave. the first day i met the dean he told me he didnt like me, i have never in my life spoken to him so i have no idea why he would say that. all the teachers i had dont care about their students. this school is so crowded you must act fast the first day of school to get a table to sit for lunch. the staff is so rude, i remember one time they took my lunch away for no reason and threw it away in front of my face while i was minding my own business. my former counselor asked for my name and then asked me if i was sure it was my name kept insisting it wasnt my name. if you need help they will yell at you think you dont know anything and not help.
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