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Corona Avenue Elementary School

Bell, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 795


Corona Avenue Elementary School
3825 Bell Avenue
Bell, CA 90201
(323) 560-1323
Corona Avenue Elementary School is located in Bell, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Pacific Islander

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I cannot believe that I have to post this review and hope it has better luck than I did when I visited this school. My 1st experience was when I picked up my daughter's application. They scheduled an appointment for all parents (over 20) who attended and provided us with forms. Lets not forget the looooong speech the principal gave about how we as parents needed to buy, spend and donate more towards the school. Relax! My child wasn't even enrolled yet! Later at my doctor's office THEY had to provide me with several missing forms and was told I still needed a few more. I missed 2 days from work to fix this issue. Subsequently, I went for my scheduled appointment (an hour early btw) and the staff member greeted me with such hostility. I informed her why I was there and before I finished my sentence she CACKLED and said "No you don't! There are no appointments for anyone. I don't know why they told you that." I handed her my forms and she rolled her eyes as I showed her where the principal "wrote my appointment date and time." She laughed again and said "you are the only person to come in that 'claims' to have an appointment" By this point I was extremely irritated. This lady could care less. She didn't ease the situation or direct to me to someone who could better assist me. The other lady working there just power-walked away smiling. By this point parents were watching us argue. I asked her one last time if she was going to enroll my daughter as she needed to be placed on a waiting list for a permit and she told me "there's no waiting list. This is either her home school or it's not. You cannot enroll her here" I was furious! I had informed her that her home school had already released her and she just took my papers and said "no they didn't, but i'll take your papers and put her on the waiting list" She had just said there was no such thing!!! I asked her if she was just telling me what I wanted to hear and with no remorse or hesitation she said "yes" I'm not sure if she actually took my daughter's forms but I left to my daughter's home school and enrolled her there instead. The staff there was UNBELIEVABLY "PROFESSIONAL" and apologized for them!!! I sincerely hope that this post is read by the principal or the same women who clearly failed at helping me. Their customer service skills for lack of better words is "HORRIBLE" Please research your schools.
This is my son first year of school At Corona Elementary and sorry , but the staff are not professional at all. Seems that the staff are more involve in the gossip. The parent walk into the office like if they are at their home. Picking up the phone and no one tells them anything. There should be a privacy policy there s paper work from students and parents with home phone numbers and addresses. The principal doesn t seem involve at all. I been there a couple of times and never see her around. My son is been in other school same school district and the principal always communicating with the parents to see if they could assist you in anyway shape perform. Sorry but even the academic skills doesn t seem that high. Hopefully someone can look into this.
briefly.3 of my kids went here last year! They go thru material way to fast No individual help my 3rd grade child had homework and when it came time to help her I asked her Okay we're in the problem are u stuck she said I don't get it at all dad Started crying My teacher just went thru it fast and most of us didn't get it When we asked for help she said she doesn't have time to stop They have to keep up Allegedly my son in 2nd grade is the best student in his class He doesn't even know how to read properly and has difficulty subtractingThey both said their teachers go over the homework in the morning and correct the answers so they can correct their own HW. My pre k daughter went thru 3 teachers this yearI'll be honest school is not for babysitting.. It's for teaching.. But SOME of these teachers all they are, are sitters.Our school needs more programs .Better teachers and more parent support..but all in all what do you expect from a city that's literally OUT of money ,crooks. But if your looking for a cruising zone full of cars with loud music and dressed up gals .. Show up at corona ave and bell at 730am.You won't be disappointed! :( SAVE THE KIDS BELL! Please... SAVEETHE KIDS
I am so happy with this school. They have helped my son since first grade to get on grade level with all the help they provide. Mr. Dooley and all the teachers my son has had have been a major role in his success and I am truly thankful. Doors are always open to talk to teachers as well as the principal Mrs. Lopez.