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Bonsall High

Bonsall, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 341


Bonsall High
7350 West Lilac Road
Bonsall, CA 92003
(760) 305-5700
Bonsall High is located in Bonsall, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Our experience at BHS has been empowering and inspiring. It has been one of partnership with the school to solve problems and make it better each year for all students. We are involved parents and we really appreciate the opportunity with a small and new school to be able to actively take part in the direction of the school. The school leadership and staff has listened and partnered with my wife and I the whole way. Regarding education and engagement, my son is a GATE student but was underperforming in middle school. He did ok during his freshman year at BHS, but he took a college class between his freshman and sophomore year at Palomar College with a few friends. This was supported and encouraged by the high school and was a major turning point for my son. While this might not be the best choice for all students (if they don't take it seriously, they can end up up with bad grades on their college record, so make sure you discuss this with your student) it was fantastic for our son. Seeing how students behaved in college and the challenge of college level biology set him on a course to get thrive in school ever since. He currently has a 4.6 weighted GPA his junior year and is on track to graduate early, and this was totally generated by him. We did not push him. We listened and supported him to take initiative. We have been so impressed with he quality of his work, his thinking, his caring and insight -- which is due in large part to the partnership between the high school, the college and us. BHS was the right choice for our son due to the personalized and family environment that supported him to flourish.
Fantastic experience with school and district as a whole.
The only thing remotely "good" that has come out of my BHS experience, is the college courses. I took the time & effort to take as many college courses as possible to get a head-start on my college career. But even then the teachers get grades wrong on transcripts, they lack the motivation to make sure college & high school transcripts match, it was very sloppy. The school is only 5 years old, but that gives them no excuse to slack on their work. As I mentioned plenty of times before, the school lacks a structural punishment system. This leads to students pushing the limits & seeing how far, is too far & then doing everything that wont get them expelled. Even if their was some kind of system, the counselor at the school does a very POOR job of keeping tabs on all of the students & making sure that they are on track to graduate, that they are physically & mentally comfortable at school, & that the student feels safe to go home after school everyday. When applying to college last fall, I received very little help from the counselor & the teachers because I wanted to apply to out of state colleges. Without the help of teachers, I had to turn to my parents for help, who have very little knowledge on the common app, WUE rates, admission fees, etc. This made my college application process MUCH harder. Even on the last day to submit my application, the teachers AND our counselor failed to help me. For most schools, a counselor report is required & on the very last day, my "counselor" failed to complete it. That may or may have no effected my application but its little things like that, that make me wonder how disrespectful that was to completely disregard students who are looking into something different, who are looking for different opportunities. With this school, I would say I have been put at a disadvantage, compared to students who when to the surrounding high schools. If I had to rate my experience, I would be hesitant to even give it a 3/10. My advice as a graduate from this school, EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS. BHS IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE. If you are looking to go to a 4-year/private,out-of-state university, then you NEED to explore other options. For the sake of your academic future you NEED to choose a different school.
This school is the worst...kids are on their own for learning and the school doesn’t keep track of failing students before they fail.
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