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Borrego Springs High School

Borrego Springs, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 121


Borrego Springs High School
2281 Diegueno Road
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
(760) 767-5335
Borrego Springs High School is located in Borrego Springs, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Transferring my junior year to a much bigger high school it made me realize how much BSHS does not have the tools to offer students when we begin college. Creating certain high school graduation requirements that are unnecessary and make it more stressful then already having to deal with passing your Math, History and English classes. The teachers and staff have the reputation of insulting students and creating scandals over absolutely nothing. Although I as a students am not so innocent, neither are the teachers and staff ,trying to discipline students , when they set the example of immature middle school students and fail to follow the rules them self . This involves DRESS CODE and DEFIENCE problems. Spending school money on renovations that are unnecessary instead of spending money on more supplies such as paper, ending the year with no paper for student use is something that is embarrassing and shows that the school does not have enough control to maintain a well running school. Even using those funds to renovate a new library would have been great for students.
This school caters to the unintelligent and makes it unable for the brightest to shine. History, Math and Spanish departments are all a joke. While Football will never be cut from the school's offerings, many of the texts are out of date and need updating according to California law. Misspending of appropriated funds and dismissal of in-class problems as normal ocurrences makes BSHS a difficult place to succeed, regardless of intelligence.
As a graduate of this school, and successful college man, I know that BSHS did not adequately prepare me. I tested into Math 10 and Spanish 101, even after four and two years in each of the respective studies. The leadership at BSHS is drowned out by all the inadequate teachers. The History, Spanish and Math departments are literally a joke; nothing good comes from a year spent in those classes. While many of the teachers care, others are downright pathetic, insulting students and degrading them because of their inability to keep their tempers in check. AP classes cater to the unintelligent and the bright students are forced to deal with the inadequacies of others. The acceptance of certain students' lack of respect and ignorance of their detraction from the class performance leads to a huge weight placed on the shoulders of even the better teachers at the school.