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Heritage High School

Brentwood, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2589


Heritage High School
101 American Avenue
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 634-0037
Heritage High School is located in Brentwood, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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My son transferred from Freedom after some major bullying issues. He thrived at Heritage. His grades weren't the best as he had to learn due dates on assignments matter. However, he was engaged. He learned. If he had a problem his counselor was there for him. Not just for academic support, but emotional as well.
Though Heritage High has flaws, those flaws can easily be overlooked. The teachers are great, for the most part. Everyone complains of the lazy teachers only here for the paycheck, when that's a very small amount. And they also complain that they don't slow down, when you shouldn't have your hand held at this age, unless you have special needs. Get use to it. This is life, because once your time with high school is done, it's off to college. The principal is great, but the student leadership could use a little work. The school is VERY spirited. I'm in the band program, when I go to the Varsity Football games to play music, and many of the students have a blast, and respectful of those who get hurt. Speaking of, I'm yet to see a single bully in this school. Maybe I'm just doing a great job of blending in (which is what you should do), or the school deals with bullies greatly. The school resource officer is great at his job, and very friendly. And, the school is clean. Heck, even the bathrooms look nice. All vandalism is cleaned right away and trash is picked up daily. And students here are, yes, very spoiled. But, none are real jerks. I was welcomed here by many, I've made great new friends, and rekindled old friendships. I'm a freshman of this school, and this has been the best of year of school I've ever had.
Special Ed students have to clean up trash in this heat and it makes me feel like it's unfair,I'm ashamed of having to attend this school this school.
Heritage is a beautiful school that could pass for a JC. Unfortunately, the quality of the education is lacking. Many teachers are there just for a paycheck and are on their phones or Facebook while they handout busy work in class for students. They will tell the kids they don't care if they are on their phones and don't correct bad behavior and disruption I feel because of no support from the administration and the uninvolved parents. My child showed me a snap chat story that was done during school of kids doing vodka shots IN CLASS. A LARGE number of students show up stoned to class... Yes, these could be problems at any school but Liberty Union would have you believe their schools are fabulous. They are FAILING!! I moved my child to a private school in walnut creek and the 3.81 that was easily received at Heritage dropped to a 3.16!!! Spanish had to be dropped because of lack of knowledge, (received an A at Heritage) and was behind in every subject. If you want good preparation,for college, maturity, involved teachers, less politics, PLEASE move your child to a different school. I finally got smart after my child was missing 3 books after school had been in session 6 weeks!! And yes I went to her counselor (who is dressed worse than any inappropriate outfit a student could wear), the vice principal and the school district. Don't you know... "Common core" was to blame for the lack of preparedness the school had for their students. But don't worry, the athletic department has a LARGE budget to work with....
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