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Robert P. Ulrich Elementary School

California City, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-2
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  • Enrollment: 527


Robert P. Ulrich Elementary School
9124 Catalpa Avenue
California City, CA 93505
(760) 373-4824
Robert P. Ulrich Elementary School is located in California City, CA and serves grades K-2.
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Student Diversity



Native American
Pacific Islander
Two or more races

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Nice job refusing to fly the American flag today. You haven't seseded YET, so you ARE still part of the USA!
All of Mojave School District sucks and they don't know how to keep everything organized and keep track of anything and give advance notice about anything and there's too much bullying going on evenin kindergartens.
My seven year old attend RPU and there is a bully problem with that school they need to implement a no tolerance rule. I have several times contacted this school regarding this issue and have seen no results. My daughter loves learning and as she put it she want to be a super genius. I feel like this school is taking that away from her I have spoken to several different parents with different back grounds and race and they all have a problem with the bully issue at this school. Tomorrow I will have to contact the school yet one more time about this issue. Something is going to have to give. To add a good note my daughter loves her teacher Mrs Barr.
My son is a handful, I know that. This is his first year here and Ms. Tovar is an amazing teacher. My child loves her. She is very patient & is not sending him to the office or calling me for every little issue. Most everything is handled in house. Curriculum is good. They work hard to help all students succeed. Homework levels are appropriate for grade. Office staff is very good. When my son buys lunch, he likes the food. The only place my child has had any real issues is the bathroom. Seems to be unsupervised. He has been bullied in there a couple times. My son enjoys going to school here. This teacher has a great rewards program set up for the kids that still allow them to succeed even if they have a few bad days. Provides behavior reports daily so you know what problems were encountered. Allows you to discipline as appropriate and work on recurring problem areas at home. Great disaster & emergency training for kids. Child has had to utilize it for a real world event and teachers and kids responded very well.
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