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Proctor Elementary School

Castro Valley, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 511


Proctor Elementary School
17520 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 537-0630
Proctor Elementary School is located in Castro Valley, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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I feel luck that my kids can attend this school. We are getting a new principal next year, so we'll see if the school continues to excel.
Our experience at Proctor has been a mixed bag. My son has had some very good teachers that were very dedicated and good at their job, but not well-equipped for the varying student needs. There was also a teacher that was beyond stressed out and raised her voice at the students - strangely, she was awarded teacher of the year. That same teacher said all year long that my son was meeting standards, and then the last report card of the year showed he was struggling. Very frustrating - clearly she did not have the capacity to deal with a student with special needs. We also struggled to get an IEP for my son - it took three meetings and a lot of excuses from the school staff. We were told that they weren't sure he qualified, even though he clearly qualified due to a health impairment and had documented issues. Even with an IEP in place, he has received very little support and is drowning in math. His teacher's response was to say that "he needs to memorize his times tables." There is a complete disregard for his learning difficulties. The staff all seem to CARE and the curriculum is fine, but I wouldn't say that CV schools are GREAT. If your child doesn't fit the mold, he or she will have difficulties at this school and will likely struggle with self-esteem. Additionally, like all CA schools, this one struggles with finances, so science is limited to 2x a week and funded by fundraising. This year Safeway stopped helping fund the school, so parents are asked to make up the difference. For science! And the class count this year (4th grade) jumped from 28 students per class to 35. So, again, this school is just your average CA school and yet you pay a premium to live in CV.
Not a good school for boys that aren't girl like. I know that sounds confusing but rough housing, sports, being active is pretty much prohibited at this school. I wish they would look at how Chabot Elementary treats boys. I have had 3 boys go through this school. 2 of them are now thriving after they got out of there. My son in kindergarten was accused of being a racist which later on was proven that it was an issue with the parents of the adopted child not my son. Later on he made a boyish joke towards a girl and because of that joke he had the police called on him. One of my other sons was tormented by a girl and he basically got told that he better be nicer to her and maybe she will be nicer to him. He didn't even want her around him. She would hit or kick him and go tell that he was being mean to her. The punishment is always to take away their recess no matter what. Worst thing you can possibly ever do to a boy for acting up in class. Go make him run for 30 min. Come on your educators boys need to let out energy. Stop treating the boys like girls.
Proctor School has a very dedicated staff -all the way from the classroom, the from office, administration as well as support staff. I am very thankful my child had an opportunity to attend this school from K-5. Staff is currently very involved in trying new strategies and implementing common core standards. We love Proctor!
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