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Caswell Elementary School

Ceres, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 573


Caswell Elementary School
1800 North Central Avenue
Ceres, CA 95307
(209) 556-1620
Caswell Elementary School is located in Ceres, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Reviews4 Reviews

Students at this school are BEYOND disrespectful not only to staff, which amazes me still to this day, but also to parents! This school is not in the best area either. Students here have no respect for any authority figure which is outrages. The teachers here I have to say are amazing. Fantastic, dedicated, hard working teachers who really try their best. The principal here is very rude. He doesn't seem to be involved with some staff members and is not coordinate nor consistent. Very unorganized which is not appealing as a principal of a school that definitely needs tredmoundous help to turn it around.
There are some really great staff members from student supervisors to teachers and the administrative assistant and then there are very mediocre staff members including the principal. The principal never seemed to know what was going on in her own school and when asked questions looked to other staff for simple answers, like when an activity was taking place. I realize not every parent speaks english but conducting everything in Spanish seems to be counter productive and time consuming. Since the students are taught in English, should we not expect parents to learn also? I am of Hispanic descent and I decided not to continue in PTC after I realized there were Spanish speaking cliques among the parents. Mr. Vallarde, the librarian, is awesome but may be a bit stuck in old ways. As with anything, the education your child receives has a lot to do with how much work you, as a parent, are willing to put in. My child was reading and performing simple math by the end of kindergarten. Not every child was so skilled though. Even with a skill level above average, my child will not be returning.
this school is very nice the teachers are nice to the students the music teacher is awsome they have a high expetations
I currently have a daugter in this school, at the time she is being transfered, poor quality!!!!! the teacher she has is horrible to her, singles her out in front of other students, and embarrasess her instead of helping her out with her issues. Yes, she is not an A+ student, but arent 70% of the kids like that too??? They need to help their students more, not single them out, that only make matters worse. My daughter didn't want to go to school anymore, isn't that horrible. I can't wait for her to love school again like she used too.