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Discovery Charter School

Chula Vista, CA
  • Charter
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 928


Discovery Charter School
1100 Camino Biscay
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 656-0797
Discovery Charter School is located in Chula Vista, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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This is definitely one of the best schools I've been to and I would very much recommend anyone who seeks to get the best education to try and go to Discovery Charter.
Only been at this school for a couple of years, however, my daughter has done very well. I was happy she was taken out last year for reading assistance and homework has been pretty ok. Sometimes I do feel teachers are slightly petty over notifying us of our child's indiscretions at school. Some things just don't need to be relayed, but I can't imagine being an Elementary School teacher. I think the staff is wonderful, school is always clean and so far there hasn't really been any issues with bullying. Common Core is always something I'm not happy with and I feel that in general kids are pushed too far at young ages but I think the teachers have done fairly well with it so far.
My daughter was referred to the SDC preschool. When I met with the teacher the classroom smelled terrible and one of the teacher's general appearance wasn't up to my expectations of any teacher, the toys looked worn down and the playground shared with the state program was also run down. To make matters worse, I wasn't properly oriented which resulted in my daughter not being allowed to attend on her second day, leaving her confused after we worked so hard to get her to accept going to school. Then my daughter was involved in a "minor accident" which to me was the direct result of improper supervision. As a first time mother, I am now kicking myself in the head for not listening to my gut feeling telling me something was wrong when my daughter suddenly started strongly voicing her wishes to not go to school, it was a meltdown every time I mentioned school. Not too long after this she had her elbow broken by another student who was pushed and fell onto my daughter. This I couldn't overlook and I immediately took her out of the school. I strongly feel that this preschool program is not the safest. I am a child clinical psychologist and I say this both as a professional and as a mother, this is not a safe school nor is the most nurturing or enriching environment for children, especially those with special needs. The teachers seem to play favorites which you can see by who they take pictures of. Please exercise extreme caution when deciding to enroll your child and visit the classroom when kids are in session. I am terribly dissapointed in this school and their preschool program and wouldn't ever recommend it to any of my clients or friends. A broken arm in preschool, while it could happen, is unacceptable in the midst of all the other factors...teachers should be properly supervising children at all times and discouraging them from engaging in potentially dangerous situations. This isn't a matter of a poor fit for us as parents, it is simply not a safe place for our children. My daughter now attends a wonderful school and I immediately see the DRASTIC change in terms of the program and my daughter's comfort with attending. "Though love" as the teacher from Discovery say, is not what children of this age need, this from both as a mother and a child psychologist.
Discovery Charter is the worst school. I simply cannot fathom how it managed to attain a four-star rating. The teachers here are lazy, unprofessional and unattentive to the childrens learning or their needs. My child is very bright and eager to learn, but this school continues to fail him. The teachers are not concerned with the growth of the children, but they are concerned with their own well-being. My child has complained that his teacher does not help him when he does not understand an assignment and the teachers model favoritism. Students that need additional help are often left behind, while other students prosper because they're favorited. In addition, the curriculum is boggling and confusing so much so that the children aren't fully taught a concept, and it is quickly abandoned and the children are forced to move onto the next concept or lesson without fully understanding the previous lesson. I have taken my child out of this school and he has displayed a significant improvement as a result. The teachers are also racist and prejudice and this behavior is highly noticeable to both the children as well as the parents.
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