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Chaparral Elementary School

Claremont, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 641


Chaparral Elementary School
451 Chaparral Drive
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 398-0305
Chaparral Elementary School is located in Claremont, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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My daughter just started Kindergarten at Chaparral and I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this school is. Mrs. O'Connor is the new principal and I truly feel so blessed to have her as my daughter's principal. You can see how much she loves her career by her great attitude, always outside in the morning welcoming the students and she always has a smile for everyone. She is very professional and you can just tell how much she loves the kids. She truly is special! We were also blessed with Mrs. Upshaw as my daughters 1st teacher, she is another amazing and special person. My daughter has already learned so much from her class. She is very involved with all the students, she has 18 years experience and it really shows through. I am lucky enough to volunteer in her class and every time I do I always leave learning something new. The kids really adore her and it is so cute to see how many run up and say hi or bye every day. They truly love their teacher.I am truly grateful for our experience at Chaparral. Everyone has been amazing and I love how much they allow parents to volunteer and get involved. It has been a true blessing.
Principal is very unprofessional. There is no clear policy on handling behavior problems and bullying. Bullies never get a consequence. In fact, the victim is often blame for speaking up and treated poorly. There is no "real investigation." The system that seems to be in place, is pulling out the victim from class and accuse them for making a scence (speaking out regarding bullying) the victims are not supported and they definitely do not make them feel safe. I am both a parent and worked at this school. Leadership is horrible.
I’m going to stick to talking about school-wide discipline only. There appears to be no system or policy in place for handling behavior problems. There is no follow-through for anything. Bullies don’t ever get a consequence - maybe a talking to at best. And get this, if your child addresses a concern on the playground, and the perpetrator lies/denies it, your child is screwed. The teacher never thought to ask,..”who were the witnesses” and maybe ASK the witnesses??? Nope. Instead, they say, “well, so and so said he didn’t do it.” Oh...so that solves it? That’s why the lack of manners, kindness and level of misbehavior on the playground are never dealt with. It’s not in the classroom that you have to worry about your child’s safety. It’s on the playground. And if there is a school-wide discipline policy, it’s apparently weak. The Principal seems really nice and fair, but still it seems like Admin is afraid to do their job and create a safe environment for all. I think many of the teachers there are nice, but this one particular incident I have to say - a teacher went so far as to pretend to care (because it’s addressed in email and she needed to cover her bases); but in truth, she never even tried to help and get to the bottom of things for the sake of all involved - just gave lip service. She did NOT take even ONE proactive measure. Was so tempted to bring this to the Principal’s attention ...especially because the false sympathy was just SO incredulous. There were just no words for the lack of INTEGRITY. So what’s the point in pushing the issue (what we have to say would be like speaking a foreign language - can’t expect her to understand).
Excellent school. My husband and I are 100% satisfied with the academic quality and social experience at Chaparral. I give equal credit to the school itself, that is, the teachers and administration, and to the my fellow families, who seem universally dedicated to ensuring that Chaparral is the best that it can be.
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