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Colton Middle School

Colton, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 1040


Colton Middle School
670 West Laurel Street
Colton, CA 92324
(909) 580-5009
Colton Middle School is located in Colton, CA and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American
Two or more races

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TBH it was a fun school. I actually learned too LOL.
1/10 if you were at this school you would regret coming
Horrible. If your child is part of the minority population (black), they will experience being bullied, and no support from administrators. Only 3% of the students here are black, however, discipline statistics on this site show that 35% of the students who get suspended are black. Can somebody please make that make sense? How are they getting away with suspending almost half of their black students? The African American children get bullied, then when they defend themselves they get suspended or expelled, leaving the percentage of black students even lower. Its clear that the principle wants the black students out of her school, which is very sad. Please do your kids a favor and don't make them attend this school. They will be treated unfair and are not givin the same opportunities to succeed as the majority (hispanic), which is unfortunate. All kids deserve to be treated equally and not be discriminated against.
I'm sure this school is "good enough" for the average kid...but good luck trying to get them to better their academic program for kids with special needs, especially dyslexia. I've had a couple meetings with the staff about the matter and they don't even know what it is. That's a serious problem. They would benefit greatly if they adopted better teaching methods for dyslexics, as it is a very common learning disorder. This would give them better test scores which the school obviously needs. I was told they would "look into it" and nothing ever happened. Nothing was changed and my nephew still struggles with his homework assignments. This leads to disruptive behavior in class and not completing assignments. Dyslexia makes it difficult to read, write, do math and copy from the board. All the things you must do to succeed in school and in life. I was very frustrated because I got the impression from the staff that my nephew's performance was "good enough" and that he could read when he can't. I don't know where they got this from, considering he can't even read a 4 letter word at times. I'll have to end it here, unfortunately, but if your kid has special needs, stay away.