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Cesar Chavez Academy

Corona, CA
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 919


Cesar Chavez Academy
1150 Paseo Grande
Corona, CA 92882
(951) 736-4640
Cesar Chavez Academy is located in Corona, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Friendly staff, clean campus and quality teachers.
My son, Caleb, attended Cesar Chavez for 7th and 8th grade, and let me just say that if you are considering moving to this school area - I would do it in a heartbeat! Our son is autistic (high functioning), and the care and compassion that went through the school is unmistakable! Caleb was mainstreamed so he had the full school experience. He was always included, never excluded from anything - he made HUGE gains during his time there that paved his way to success in the coming years. Mr. Reider is an amazing leader, always portraying care and compassion to his students and teachers. In fact, we followed Mr. Reider from another school because we knew his leadership and talent, and didn't want Caleb to miss out on that. Caleb went on to attend Santiago High School, just now completing his freshman year. He got straight A's! The preparation that they did at Cesar Chavez paved his success in high school. You are getting the equivalent to a private school education. There were times Caleb earned awards, and times he didn't - but it taught him life lessons I could never teach him. He needed to feel the achievement as well as disappointments. At the end of the year, there is a talent show, and my husband at that time was extremely ill and in the hospital. Well, Caleb took it upon himself to try out at the talent show all on his own and the teachers and students supported him so much! We had just gotten out of the hospital and got to see him perform his song. He did great! It would have been easy to tell him no, but the teachers and students were there for him - as our family was going through a difficult time. Thank you to all the teachers, faculty, and students at Cesar Chavez Academy!!
I have 3 children that go to this school my kinder garten son and my third grade daughter their teachers are great ....my son is a sixth grader and he has 1 year there he's graduating in a couple days my son has always gotten awards etc ever since he's been with his sixth grade teacher he's gotten no awards and I've seen how he puts hard work in what he does one day at open house I asked her how my son was doing and she replied with a smirk on her face and said as you can see he puts a little effort and honestly I loved he speech and many others did as well she even judged him of his costume being made and she clapped at everyone's else speech accept to my sons he feels humiliated by her she has called him a cry baby in front of the class and she has told his class mates that if they were sure they wanted to pick him for he makes poor desisions I spoke with the principle and he covered her saying how she had many kids wanting to be in her class and saying they only had 6 days to graduate this teacher has been rude to me and one day my son told me about this I called the principle and she said in front of all the class how she hated complainers there's much more to this can some one tell me if this is right ????? Oh and she called him and told him how she did not call him a cry baby she told him she said he made poor choices and than told him oh your mom called the principle again what did she cool down ....I think that's wrong
Very good school my kids have learned so much and I love how the teachers and staff want the best for the children!
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