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Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Corona, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 791


Corona Fundamental Intermediate School
1230 South Main Street
Corona, CA 92882
(951) 736-3321
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School is located in Corona, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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My experience at cfis was horrible. The teachers were mean and the school acts like a prison. The PE runs like a boot camp, and one teacher always yells at students during PE. Very few teachers are nice and supportive.
The school is great I currently attend it as an IB student in the 7th grade. People say that you only have to have education in your life to succeed in it, but I have straight A's (accelerated math class). I also participate in many activities such as Judo, Karate, Piano, and Boy Scouts. If you don't procrastinate while doing your homework the IB curriculum homework would be done in 1-2 hours. It is also enjoyable as I am in a forces in motion class (physics). Which counts as our 5th period class. Instead the other tracks B,C, and D recurve basic fifth periods sub as introduction to desktop. Our teachers are great and helpful. It may be tedious, but it is worth it in the long run as one of my friend's older brother in B track fell behind when entering high school. IB goes faster than normal and also makes you feel like you've accomplished something. The best teacher overall in my opinion is Mr. Stevens as he adds humor and teaches while keeping a balance of strictness making it a fun learning environment. I'm just learning Spanish now and my teacher for it is great. He helps us understand and teaches us at a reasonable speed. If you were to enroll at CFIS (which you should) join the IB team, but your grades may drop if you do not give effort. Thank you for taking some of your time to read this comment. -An Unnamed Student
My child spent 7th grade at this school in IB. Overall, the IB program was great for my daughter. It may not be the incredible program that I expected from the informational meeting (it s very unorganized and the fundraising tends to be excessive for the return) but it still offers the best intermediate education. While many of the teachers are simply something special and add to the education in an incredible way, it is overshadowed by the 7th grade World History teacher who is unreasonable in her strictness, consistently vague in her instruction, and often deals with the students in a manner that is consistent with bullying. The principal stands by her teachers, right or wrong, and so it feels (to me as the parent), that education and the fair issue of a grade is secondary to the comradery of the staff. My daughter is well behaved and has never had issues with her teacher until this year. She has had 15 teacher in her educational career, and the only time I had to step in to stand up for her was this year; two issues with this same teacher. The rumor is that she has been moved to B track but really she's more suited to be a prison guard than a teacher of children.
NOT A GREAT SCHOOL!!! This school is run like a prison, especially the IB PROGRAM. I greatly discourage parents from entering their child into this ridiculous program no matter how intelligent they are. My son is very intelligent but he did not do well in the IB program. The expectations are extremely unrealistic for a middle school child. To be successful in such a program requires no social life, and forget about extracurricular activities. Many of the teachers use intimidation, and humiliation as a technique to get the children to do as they say. One particular World History teacher is praised by other staff members for her intimidating and strict personality. Beware of the IB history teacher! I always believed teachers are suppossed to protect, encourage and show a little compassion to our children, instead some CFIS teachers use their authority to bullly children. Do not expect the staff to protect your child from student who are also bullies.
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