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Jefferson Elementary School

Corona, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 707


Jefferson Elementary School
1040 South Vicentia Avenue
Corona, CA 92882
(951) 736-3226
Jefferson Elementary School is located in Corona, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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i came to this school from prekinder to 6th and some people says this school is ghetto and much more but it actually i'snt. my first years were full of bullying which was always taken care of by teachers but the kids didnt listen.in the middle of 6th grade it finally stopped. the concequences given to bad kids arent reallyu effective. The teachers have always been great, finding ways to make learning fun and supporting all students. the staff is great with the exception of one but overall great staff! there are also many activities. must admit the food is horrible im glad im in middle school. i had some of the best memories here and think the school is a good school .
Me and my friend have always been friends since fourth grade and we are sixth graders right now and the principal is alright but he gets me and my friend sometimes in trouble and this school is terrible because the time they let you in is at 7:40 am the food is bad and the lunch ladies don't really care if you eat or not and if the food runs our you need to wait almost 10 minutes so they can serve you and when I get there sometimes the restrooms are closed and you have a emergency because the other day I kinda pissed my pants thanks to the janitor but my other teacher Mrs Pfizer is a nice teacher however Mrs Lagoe got me in trouble for not having my math book there. This school should be closed down permenantly for the reasons I just explained.
I agree with the comment about everything taking longer due to it being delivered in two languages. Although it is always in English first. I have taught here for five years. The teachers are highly trained and I would put my own child in any of their classes. I would not have my child come to my school though because he doesn't need all of the language support and intervention that is provided at this school. For a family that English is their second language the school is amazing. Dr. Vargas has done a great job leading the school and provided quality trainings for teachers, technology for classrooms and high expectations which in turn increased test scores. We do have wonderful support for the student's language learning and parent classes. I agree that the money should go to the students, but I think the school receives special funding for that reason. It was a lititle irritating when parents were in the computer lab when I wanted to bring kids in. We have two labs now though.Jefferson really tries to get the parents/community involved. It is sad that we don't have a PTA with all of the involvement we strive for. The teacher's along with the students in Student Council have done a good job trying to take over some of the responsibilities. Hopefully next year there will be a PTA.
My son went to school here k-6 and the only reason he stayed was because his teachers were very understanding to his medical condition and the PTA president was a close friend and let him use their bathroom and office to change if he needed to. But the parents are mostly Spanish speaking which I wouldn't have a problem with if the school didn't do all of their functions in Spanish first then in English. As a single working mom my time, like every other working individual is precious. Assemblies, open house, back to school night all 30-45 minutes longer because you have to sit through the Spanish portion before hearing it in English. They have programs for Spanish speaking parents when I think those funds should go to the kids. I have a 3 year old and I will def NOT be sending him there.
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