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Charlotte Wood Middle School

Danville, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 978


Charlotte Wood Middle School
600 El Capitan Drive
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 855-4400
Charlotte Wood Middle School is located in Danville, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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My son graduated from CWMS in June 2016. He had 3 great years at Charlotte Wood. The teachers were so supportive, willing to communicate, and so encouraging of him. My son learned a lot in the rigorous classes. Homework was challenging, but was kept within the SRVUSD homework policy limits. My son has special needs and the school did a great job supporting him. The students are interested in learning and kind to each other. This is an excellent school.
We move to get my 6th grader to CWMS and my oldest to SRVHS. My 6th grader LOVE CWMS! She doesn't want to miss school! She's inspired and THRIVING! It's worth the move!The only downside is there is no school bus service to this school at all. For both parents working, it is an inconvenience especially PM pickup. But the parents at this school is overwhelmingly supportive and I was able to connect with one of the mom's for carpool.
Five (5) stars for the math, science, art, chorus, PE, front office, counseling office, and administration! They provided our child with a seamless transition beyond the call of duty. The students have positive experiences in Science with Mr. Swenson and in Math with Ms. Gusman. Computer class, a noteworthy fine and performing arts program, the sports are excellent... Charlotte Wood has an aftercare program called "Teen Center," which has helped to keep our child supervised after school and on-track academically. Two (2) stars for almost every core teacher: The adage "One bad apple can't spoil the whole bunch" might be true, unless that bad apple teaches 3 periods/day! Each Core (i.e., Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading) teacher has the students for 3 periods at a time, and a substantial portion of the students dread Core. Favoritism, a hostile learning environment, indifference, myopia...describe the Core class experience for too many students at this remarkably-- and I mean remarkably-- welcoming, fun, academic middle school. The buildings are impeccable, and the school is located in a park-like setting in the heart of a charming neighborhood filled with solid families. Erstwhile, almost every Core teacher could use some professional coaching! They have mastered "the What" of the courses, and so now it is time for some professional coaching that will show the Core teachers at Charlotte Wood "the How" of responding differently to their students. They seriously need to master "the How" of reading situations accurately and enjoying their students...
I find the pe locker rooms to be very unsafe. Students often are able to harass other students due to the teacher area's vies having sevral blind spots and no good servalence system. Bullying at the school was completly off the hook and pe teachers did not go out with the students to watch them providing more oppertunities for harassment. Also I found that while students were dressing in the locker rooms sevrel of the pe teachers just yelled out "why are you all yelling? just shut up and go" and they kicked a locker out of frustration, That does not sound like a good staff for a department that is potentionaly very harmful to some kids. Also I don't to hateful but when the school had to send children out for illness the school nerse wasn't their half the time and the secretary of the school filled out the forms. So the school has many flaws in its social department other then that its fine but nets a two star rating.
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