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Del Mar Hills Elementary School

Del Mar, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 280


Del Mar Hills Elementary School
14085 Mango Drive
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 755-9763
Del Mar Hills Elementary School is located in Del Mar, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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The small school and small staff are overwhelmed and favoritism is more obvious here. Children have less options for friends and access to fewer teachers for additional help if needed. The other schools in the area are really good so my advice is not to limit your child to Del Mar Hills. The small size of the school is boasted as a positive but the negatives surface. If you're considering this place, I would reconsider. Just some friendly parent to parent advice
It's better to be a big fish in a small pond when you're at Elementary School. Del Mar Hills occupies that size sweet spot where your kids are known well by teachers and staff, while still having enough other kids to ensure they have plenty of friends. The social-emotional education, both the 8 Keys of Excellence and Second Step, is so important at this age. I would rather have my kids learn how to get along on the playground than keep them in to do extra math problems. They have time later on to work on that; the workplace is basically the same as the playground and those skills are hard to re-learn after you learn fundamental human interactions as a kid.The homework has been reasonable and specific; I never felt like a teacher was loading them up with busywork just to hit a certain amount of homework time. I trust the teachers, and when they send something home, it is worth my and my kids' time.The amount of parent involvement is spectacular.
Del Mar Hills feels like a small, private school. The teachers are exceptional, caring & highly-skilled at offering differentiated instruction. My 6th grader is well prepared for middle school, and all three of my kids (K, 3 & 6) are excited to go to school every day. (My 6th grader started midway through 1st grade, and was immediately welcomed & supported by the other students & staff. He was excited to go back on day 2!) The hands-on integrated STEAM+ program & Innovation Center are highlights, as well as drama club and all of the unique PTA student & family events. It feels like every staff member at this school knows my children & really cares about them. They are happy and thriving, with good test scores & minimal homework (which makes our evenings so much easier).
Del Mar Hills is an excellent school. We are so lucky to be in this district! We chose this school over Del Mar Heights across the street because it's smaller and immediately had a warmer, more welcoming feel to it. My daughter could already read going into kindergarten, but everyone is taught at their own level and so she was always challenged. Yet homework is reasonable. I'm always amazed at the opportunities open to our daughter here -- they have Garden Club every week, science class taught by a former NASA scientist, technology class and coding starting in kindergarten, Chrome books starting in 2nd grade, just to name a few. Many of the teachers have their own kids in the school, so they are just as invested in it as we are. The principal, Julie Lerner, is amazing -- her enthusiasm for education and efforts toward shaping our kids into considerate, confident citizens are astounding. Her infectious spirit really sets the tone for the whole school. Then there's our incredibly dedicated (but low pressure! :) PTA -- thanks to them, our kids have ozobots to learn coding, cool new playground equipment and tons of fun, free evening and weekend family events (movie nights, world festival, family carnival, science nights, etc etc) that really enrich the experience for our daughter and help draw everyone into the community. To top it all off, the school is also one of the more diverse in the area. It's really the best of all worlds. We highly recommend The Hills!
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