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Desert Hot Springs High School

Desert Hot Springs, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1770


Desert Hot Springs High School
65850 Pierson Boulevard
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
(760) 288-7000
Desert Hot Springs High School is located in Desert Hot Springs, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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The school cares about it's students. The VPs welcomed my son, new as a junior, and was able to help him work through some hurdles. The teachers care, and look out for students.
The Principal George Bullis is very accessible with the parents, we have parent center and I feel very welcome, when I have a concern about any issues they help me.
My school is by far the best school in the county. We're not the richest, we don't have the most amazing sports teams, we don't have the nicest classrooms, but we do have something that a lot of schools don't.. We have heart, and pride, and spirit. We are a family. We get judged so much just because we live in, "the ghetto". We take all of the hate from the other high schools and use it to our advantage. We do our very best EVERYDAY, to prove that we are way more than people say we are. The more people talk down on us, the more we rise up, not only as students, but as a family, and we stick up for our school by scoring as best on tests as we can, and by graduating, and by staying with our school no matter what. We are Eagles. Eagles sore. We wont let any school talk down to us because we know we have as equal of a chance for success as they do. We have that eagle pride, hating on us, our teachers, our school, and even our city, wont change us. Get on our level.
I have recently graduated in 2011 and with all my four years here I can say that the school is great. It may have gone down in fun, especially the '10-'11 year, but has gone up in education and learning wise. I will start with the BAD. This was the year that we got a new principle that treats all the students like criminals and doesn't get involved (she just shows up at places and thats about it). We have more administration than you can count on one hand which is too much. Teachers, on the other hand, are something that this school needs more of, since most teachers have an average teaching span of about a year or two. The school in great need of money and when they do have some it's used in unecessary such as 'Thinking Maps' where students are foced on using them rather than a plain old Venn Diagram. Now the great things, students love to get involved and participate in extra-curicular activities (too bad there isnt that many) with programs such as the Urban Art Movement and the award winning ROTC Junior Marine Corps. The school is a really safe place with recent crime sweeps around the city and gang related violence is almost to none with the no-tolerance the school has placed.