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Meridian Elementary School

El Cajon, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 599


Meridian Elementary School
651 South Third Street
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 588-3083
Meridian Elementary School is located in El Cajon, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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My experience as a father of a student at meridian has been a struggle in the last few monthsn at first they painted a great picture of how they operate. My son has been in fights, bullied, and has been a victim of physical contact by staff and teachers to the point where he said he was telling me he was squeezed by the arm with excessive pressure. In one incident he even called me as he was been grabbed by staff. My son wanted to get away bevause he was scared and upset. The staff replied that they would call the police on my 10 yr old son. My son has no trust in police officers now. This behaviour and academics is far below average. The school is always looking for $$$ and donations from parents to operate there programs more than usual compared to other schools in san diego county. The campus is also open most of the time to where anyone can gain entry. This campus has no security or extended safety precautions for the campus. The principle 9/10 is always in a tshirt and jeans with old beat up tennis shoes. Very uprofessional for his job title. Its not a vacation home or his own home so i believe you need to make a professional impression at all times especially on campus. This school needs to have awareness raised for its safety of students, parents and after school extended day program.
This school is turning around big time. A new principal, some new teachers and a great support staff. Bulling is a no-no and everyone is doing their best to solve all situations in this area. Our test scores are going higher and higher, school sprit is another top priority. It takes some time to get it where everyone wants it to be. If parents volunteer and help out with some of the activities they would know what is going on at their childs school.We can always use your help. We never turn away anyone who is willing to donate time and energy.
Our child was bullied at this school as well since Kindergarten. Staff did very little to resolve any matters. My child complained to 3 different staff members three different times about being bullied on the playground and they told her to "work it out with each other". Very, very disheartening to hear their lack of concern or documentation about complaints. Also would like to know why this website says this school offers dance, martial arts, SWIMMING??, band, etc., etc when, as far as we know, after 3 years there, none of it was offered as extracurricular classes as stated??? Only got papers sent home for local, separate, unaffordable classes!!
2012 school year got a new outstanding principal this year who will make meridian BETTER .. so by 2014 this school will be reccommendable again. change takes time. goodluck mrs. hayes best wishes. :)
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