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Alfred S. Madrid Middle School

El Monte, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 788


Alfred S. Madrid Middle School
3300 Gilman Road
El Monte, CA 91732
(626) 652-4300
Alfred S. Madrid Middle School is located in El Monte, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Its a pretty good school. I don't like the "hands off policy", but its OK. I'm a very smart student and the school... it isn't challenging at all... Which is kinda good since that means less work for me :). Miss Tanaka is a nice principal that is actually more leniant than most of the staff. I like that she doesn't stress us so much to be... I don't know... Perfect? I also don't like that we have to wear name tags! Ugh! They say its for "emergencies", like if they don't know our name? Well then they could ask someone and be like, "what's this kids name?" And problem solved! Unless like that kid has no friends and no one knows them... I font like the uniform but I'm pretty sure the staff has no authority over that and it won't change... Whatever... The campus is in well condition. Most of the teachers are nice. Pretty good, pretty good.
This school is a reflection of the administration, district office, its teachers, and the parents. I am proud to work at this school. Teachers have weekly department meetings to plan and discuss student achievement. We teach the whole child here - P.E., Music/Band, Art, Woodshop, and Video. In addition to the other duties they have, administration is active around campus and connects with and cares about the students. The district office has a well-managed budget which allows our school to have an up-to-date computer lab and computer classes, nice textbooks, and high-quality cafeteria food with a salad bar. We also have a great after-school program. Parents are attending PIQE training this year (as well as last year). There is always room for improvement, but I have seen many good things happening on this campus.
Well the school is great. I just don't like that they are enforcing PDA. What's the whole point of having a relationship without hugging or kissing someone?
This school was amazing! <33 I love Ms Grebel, best teacher ever. It had its faults; yet there were several different ways to challenge yourself in different fields, there were rewards for the students who gave all of their effort. And Ismael, the one with "bad grammar" is 1 student out of thousands. He tries his best, got good grades and had an amazing voice. This school was the best xx
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