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Rolling Hills Elementary School

Fairfield, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 577


Rolling Hills Elementary School
2025 Fieldcrest Avenue
Fairfield, CA 94534
(707) 399-5000
Rolling Hills Elementary School is located in Fairfield, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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For the most part the school is ok. I DO expect more out of it since the area is more of an affluent area, like Green Valley. The school is in DIRE need of donations. They also allow WAY too many children, who live outside the area, to attend. I know of four such students. I think Mr Gentry has done a better job with security, which is obviously important. However, there needs to more improvement with the test scores and overall funding.
My experience here at this school has been so terrible that I have gone to the school board and the police for help. The staff treats the children like they are not human and talk down to them. When asked the principal he says that he stands behind his staff in the discipline through in which they speak to the kids to create structure. I have asked for multiple meets to address different matters at hand and yet nothing. I feel that this school is not culturally aware of how they treat a certain class of people and I have tried to not take that personally nonetheless I have bared witness in the difference of treatment. My son was assaulted by his teacher 2 weeks ago and I have not yet received a meeting to discuss the matter at hand. I feel as though they are trying to sweep the matter under the rug in hopes it passes through. I will not rest until this is handled in a way that it should be handled. I will make phone calls to the mayor and higher if need be. Legal action will be in play. ALL CHILDREN need to feel safe and parents should have the peace of mind to knowing that their child face no harm from an adult figure in the classroom. #just4all #allKIDSMATTERBefore you allow your child to attend this school please stay involved and present. Sincerely,Concerned Parent.
My K-6 years at RHE were the best! The entire campus is safe, and friendly. The PTO, can at times be rude. My personal experience was- "If you come in here one more time with your problems you will get suspended. Understand?" Nonetheless, they try very hard to make sure that the kids are safe. Although in the 2014-2012 year. It started to go a bit down hill when they started cutting budgets. Many of the great yard duties were send to other schools. Lunch is okay, although the milk has ice chunks in it, and any theories I had about the school lunch were 'wiped away' when I started working in the kitchen, serving lunch to those who came on Wedensdays, minimum days. Not everyone came. I very much enjoyed my younger years, where even on minimum days, we all ate lunch and then had about 5-10 mins on the playground. My graduation was very neat and orderly, It was a by of a dread having to graduate outside, because the past years, only 6th graders graduated in the multipurpose room (Lunch Room). When 6th grader was leaving, they decided to throw in 5th graders too, since they were also graduating and going to 6th grade somewhere else. I'm pretty sure it was the decision of the PTO and teachers, because when they asked us, most students, including me, thought the fifth graders should get a graduation ceremony too, but separate and at a different time than ours. Either way, my 7 years at this school included first crushes, first best friend, first boyfriend (nope just kidding. Still single.) and this school was pretty much my second home. Thanks RHE, and GO REDHAWKS! - currently a student dreading that 7th grade starts tommorow
Before moving, we experienced 3 teachers; (K, 1st and 2nd). School's Pros-1. The Redhawk Pledge- an uplifting, high-values mission statement, recited every morning as a school (along w/ the Pledge of Allegiance.)2. Newer buildings, etc.3. Wear school-spirit attire Fridays.4. Of the teachers we had, one I would give a 9, one I would give an 8 and one I would give a 3, (in no particular order.)Cons- 1. Major lack of communication between admin/teachers and parents. Very frustrating. For example, there's a music program, but i didn't even known 2nd graders were included until it was too late. What's AR and the million word club?? I had to figure it out on my own. Sometimes the school has special days to dress up for like Super Hero day but we wouldn't even know till getting to school and seeing a handful of kids dressed up.(I have mentioned this to the admin, so hopefully -?- this will improve.)2. Too much screen time in the classroom! I have found out that technology is this school's "emphasis." Technology is an important component to education, but it is unacceptable for kids to be watching hours of shows at school. My child (when in first grade) would come home and tell me they watched Curious George, or Sid the Science Kid, or multiple other shows; and that's on top of the "recreational" shows they would watch at holidays- Halloween, Christmastime, etc. My other student (K) would tell me they watched a show of a book instead of reading it. Sometimes he would say they watched a book read to them. The teacher (K) would rarely read to them herself.In 2nd grade, my student watched 3 movies of chapter books they read. Also, in one of the classes, they watched science experiments on the screen instead of actually performing them. There's some value to an occasional movie to compare/contrast with a book, and other occasional reasons, but when my child is watching more screen time at school than at home, that is not effective teaching.I have also expressed these concerns to a teacher and then administration when I saw that it wasn't just that one teacher. 3. Kindergarteners are not included in many things like the AR reading program.4. The drop-off/pick-up procedures can be frustrating with major congestion due to lack of bus use. (It became more bearable once my kids and I created a plan.)Overall, this school is okay.
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