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Beech Avenue Elementary School

Fontana, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 760


Beech Avenue Elementary School
9206 Beech Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 357-5060
Beech Avenue Elementary School is located in Fontana, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Mrs. Mower, the principal is AMAZING, she really goes above and beyond for all student and parents. She is always present, involved, knows every single student and is just a great person. As far as the teachers, I have yet to come across a mean, overly strict, nasty, or uninvolved teacher. They are ALL EXCEPTIONAL, on the same page, not too much homework, encouraging, and you can see all the kids happy to go to school. The school is clean, safe, free lunch for all students, always available, PTSA is active, and I REALLY LOVE that there is NOT a "bully", "racial difference", "language barrier", or "religious difference", or "stereotype" issue at this school. Students are regularly taught good character, good citizenship, and compassion to others. For Fontana School District, this is by far the best!But one thing i do hate is to drop off and pick up. Its too crowded.
I think the Principle is very kind and caring to everyone, but may lack strictness. In addition; school flyers, calendars and events are always sent home a day before an event, so many parents are unable to attend due to work. In regards to the teacher's; many seem to have picked the wrong career, the things I have heard in the course of my child attending there, has truly been very upsetting. Ex; instead of teaching about math, one teacher talks about her manicure and pedicure!! My child has not received the proper teaching nor has been prepared to excel in the future. It is very obvious that the children that attend this school are not learning much when you look at the API scores; 4 out 10!!! There needs to be a change, there is about 5 Teachers that I know for a fact are there for the children and really do their best to help them. *The office staff is very nice and courteousl. **Many students have transferred schools due to bullying, and many children that attend are very disrespectful to their teachers and their peers** I also had to take my child out this school, I really did not see any core values nor did I see academic progress.
My daughter attends at Beech Ave and I couldn't be happier with her improvements in her first year of school. Her teacher Mrs. Frasher is a great teacher and I strongly recommend her if you have a child entering Kindergarten. My daughter couldn't read anything other than her name and now towards the end of the school year she can read over 50 sight words and enjoys going to school every morning. She picks up books on her own time at home and loves to read. Not only is she good in reading, but over all very well rounded student. Mrs. Mauer is very involved with the students and they all love her. I've attended after school activities with my daughter and you can just see the love all the kids have for Mrs. Mauer. Parents need to get involved with their children if they want them to succeed. To say the least I'm very happy with Beech Ave Elementary and the staff.
This school is very excellent. Many teachers are dedicated to teaching. They need to improve in discipline. Most students just end up writing a summary or losing recess. But over all, the school is very good.