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Acacia Elementary School

Fullerton, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 709


Acacia Elementary School
1200 North Acacia Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 447-7700
Acacia Elementary School is located in Fullerton, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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My son went to Acacia from second grade to fourth, then we moved out of state. His experience in second grade was okay. Once he was GATE identified, however, it went from okay to superb. His teachers (Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Cockerill) were amazing teachers, his classmates wonderful kids: not only did he learn a lot and was exposed to solid academic expectations, he also flourished socially in an environment where kids were not only smart but also, and more importantly, kind and generous with each other. Our experience with the school is excellent. I only give it four stars because the experience of other parents I know and trust was not as great.
My son spent 4th through 6th grade at Acacia. As the parent of a child with special needs, low on the overall spectrum but needing a 504 plan, I found Acacia much more amenable than where he spent his first 3 years.I had the opportunity to engage with the principal, the special ed teacher, and each and every one of his teachers. They were not perfect, but when I pointed out something that was not in line with my child's plan, it was fixed immediately. I brought him over from another school in the district. I was thoroughly disenchanted with the way they dealt with my child and the challenges we have. My son is dyslexic - moderate to severely affected. He is also dysgraphic and had some ADD presentation. The public schools in California can not even admit that dyslexia is a real thing, let alone help with a solution. I pay for private tutoring and all I wanted was for them to accommodate his needs as laid out by mutual agreement with the staff. Acacia personnel did that beautifully. The other school...not so much.Night and day difference between Acacia and Raymond. Fullerton School District allows for inter-district transfers, but you have to re-qualify every year. If someone moves in and bumps your inter-transfer kid out, you are forced to find a new school. It is always better to reside in the area of the school you want your kid to attend rather than depend on a transfer. I went to Acacia as a child. It was a surreal pleasure to not only have my son attend MY elementary school, but to excel there because of the leadership.
We recently made a move into Fullerton and are so happy with our children going to Acacia. As a parent there is ample opportunity to volunteer in the classroom and there is no pressure if you are unable to. My kids have had a good experience with the student body and staff. I look foward to having my toddler attend Acacia in the future. This is our fourth elementary school and I know from experience that the staff and students are all well focused on an excllent education.
Acacia is a GREAT schoo and holds high standard in education compared to the other primary school in the district. Some parents think the more homework the student is assigned, the more they learn. NOT NECESSARILY. It's all in the content of the homework. For instance, one page of math homework can take almost an hour for a 5th grader esp with the core system being imposed. The homework is grade and age appropriate. The testing is also statewide, so all the schools are given the same type of test in general. The scores are based on the how each school does on that same test. I know so many parents that transferred their child to Acacia from Raymond and other schools. The seal in front of the school 'Distinguished" does account for a lot. What other school in the district was recognized for that?
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