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Bolsa Grande High School

Garden Grove, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1961


Bolsa Grande High School
9401 Westminster Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 663-6424
Bolsa Grande High School is located in Garden Grove, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Unfortunately, my first few weeks of this school has been too unorganized and chaotic. Registration was a mess. (Let's be real--if no students volunteered to help with registration, the school wouldn't have been willing to handle it on their own.) If you were not influenced by the administration's mistakes, you should be fine. However, I was not. A few years prior, the French Academy class collapsed because there were too little students. They were merged with the French 1 students. However, that schedule changed happened in October. The issue? There was really no reason to mess up the schedules of students not involved. And that's the issue. Clearly, Bolsa still hasn't learned from it's mistakes. The school has a whole summer to fix things correctly--but the administration isn't doing their job. They mess up the schedules. They gave someone two languages. They put someone in a full class and then had to reverse it. They gave someone who already took Viet 1 the same level class. And now? On the third day of school, the same thing happened to the French class when it should not have happened in the first place. While that would have been excusable, the fact that students were unnecessarily moved is not. Not only were the majority of those who moved (which isn't a lot because the school decided that the lucky ones were too risky to be removed--or maybe, they were too lazy to reverse their previous actions?) unhappy with their schedules for the right reason (interrupted class periods) but the school caused inconvenience and stress to both teacher and students through changed teachers or changed periods. They could have spent time changing things so it wouldn't hurt as many people. Instead, they didn't care about us. Most of the people belonging to the office staff do not care for their students, save for a few. And that's what needs to change. The positives in my book are the students as well as some of the teachers. However, Bolsa isn't anything special aside from that. It's the amazing students and the sacrificing teachers that allowde this school to achieve a higher ranking than what it truly deserves.
This school sucks!! The teachers do not help at all. They aren't very welcoming and the students are rude. Do not like it here.
As a student at Bolsa, my experiences have basically shown me that Bolsa is just ok. The other kid's behavior here tends to be pretty rude or inappropriate, but there are others that are really kind and polite. The ASB is also not very nice or helpful as they should be, they just act higher than everyone else. The teachers are a gamble, some are REALLY good and teach with amazing examples and make class fun. However, some others have no control over their classes or don't teach well at all. Some of the clubs here are really weak and don't do much at all. The art and music programs are good, I enjoy them. Most of my classes teach me a decent amount, and all in all I'm satisfied with the school. It does it's job and there aren't any major problems with it, although it could be a lot better.
Bolsa Grande High School is a profound educational foundation creating tomorrow's geration's future, today. The dedacation and pride is in every exeptional student on campus. Through the work and help provided by every teacher, no student could possibly fail. Every students work will pay off, and will show on the California Standerdized Test. The best part of Bolsa Grande is how every person can work with one and another to get the best possability to strive in the high school life. :)
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