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Antonio Del Buono Elementary School

Gilroy, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 453


Antonio Del Buono Elementary School
9300 Wren Avenue
Gilroy, CA 95020
(408) 848-5161
Antonio Del Buono Elementary School is located in Gilroy, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Pacific Islander
Native American
Two or more races

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I was a little worried when I had enrolled my son this year to ADB due to the negative reviews online. I don't know how old the posted statistics are, but I'm guessing based on the dated comments that these statistics are old. Now that my son is finishing up his first year at ADB as a third grader, I can say that I'm actually very pleased with ADB. My son has excelled in Reading, Language and Math and comes home with new knowledge. The school takes a stand against school bullying, which is pretty high on my list of expectations when it comes to choosing a school. Thus far, my son has not mentioned anything about being bullied or mistreated, even while he is the minority. I have also had the chance to substitute for this school and have got to know a little more about it from the inside. Having subbed for various schools, I feel that ADBs staff was one of the sweetest. I was often greeted with a smile, a hi, or told, "let us know if you need anything". Respect and having a positive school atmosphere were on top of the list. Lastly, they have a wonderful group of skilled teachers who are committed to seeing their students excel, much of them having taught there for a number of years. Often times, schools are judged based on test scores and we think that the scores reflect the performance of the teacher. But it's far from being accurate. Despite the old statistics shown here on "Great Schools" , I believe that the principal, the teachers and the support staff at Antonio are highly qualified.If I were to list a few cons, it would be:-the lack of diversity (but that's not the school's fault)-lacking in art and physical education (but this is with many, if not most schools).
I would like to add....how about a simple good morning or good afternoon! Don' t they learned that in school?
I am sorely disappointed in ADB school for several reasons. 1)They do "regrouping" within each grade. This means that your child gets grouped with other reading students at their same reading level. Basically, your child ends up with two or three different teachers, a reading one, math one, and home room one. I think this is bad for the kids. At this age it is more important to have consistency with one teacher for tracking, follow up and parental support and communications. 2)No Communication:Many of the teachers are very low tech. They cannot respond to an email or even return a phone call. They rarly of ever send home my child's graded work. Often all I her about my son's progress is his report cards and nothing in between. 3) out of control students and staff who are incapable of applying disciplinary standards. They have students there that they have allowed in even after the students have been expelled from other schools for violence. They have their own students who have been violent and out of contrl for years and yet they will not suspend them or expell them, they just let the behavior continue. They should be considered a gang training facility, not an elementary school.
I agree to the comment posted by the tardy parent! I must be behind you! :) The office are not as people person as the past school we came from....but teachers at ADB rocks!!!