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Crocker Middle School

Hillsborough, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 465


Crocker Middle School
2600 Ralston Avenue
Hillsborough, CA 94010
(650) 342-6331
Crocker Middle School is located in Hillsborough, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Top notch educational experience with great teachers, with 1-2 exceptions
Before we moved to Hillsborough last summer, we heard about Crocker for its high quality education and legendary music program, but I was concerned about the stereotype of "spoiled, snobby, feeling entitled to everything" kids. After a year at Crocker, I can honestly say the concern is unfounded. If you are a parent who is thinking of moving to the town for the school, do it now... I'll summarize the school in the following five areas: (1) Excellent students: hard working, have great manners, competitive but also collaborative, very funny, and seemly less grown-up than kids at other schools (2) Great administrative staff: have vision and drive, great at communication (3) Teacher qualities vary, substitute teacher qualities are highly questionable (4) The music program, especially the bands, are superb (5) Parents can be divided into three groups: the passionate, the "do my part", and the "don't do much at all". The annual donation rate (~80%) is lower than one would expect from a private school (>95%).
Crocker is basically just a private school minus the tuition. AWESOME! Most of the teachers here are great, supportive and encouraging! Since all the students come from wealthy families, they are all polite and very considerate. There has never been a problem with bullying at all. Also, band and HTV programs are great experiences for a student (also look nice on a high-school resume!). 8th grade girls clog up bathrooms too much with their staring into mirrors. So much for "light" makeup. But overall, an amazing school!
I wrote earlier, I think it's crazy what other students say. The science program is great. Everyone has a chance to participate. I know some other students who almost never pay attention in class and who always talk during class so never know what to do in the labs. The P.E. program is also good. I hate excersise and health class but I hate it because I just don't like running in general and I'm really bad. The teachers don't make you feel bad about it though, they encourage you and congradulate you when you get a faster time. In English we do alot of interactive stuff. We learn how to do projects with others. Honestly, no offence but I'm acing math. The reason others are failing is because they talk too much during class, never do their homework (or copy someone elses), and never studies. Their more interested in their social life and their bf/gf. If they put even the slightest bit of effort, it's easy, not easy as in the teachers are not challenging us, but easy in the sense that I have a great, cool, interesting teacher. I've almost have never seen bullying, like I've probobly seen it, just can't remember because the students are really sweet and awesome.
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