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Helen Bernstein High School

Hollywood, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 640


Helen Bernstein High School
1309 North Wilton Place
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 817-6400
Helen Bernstein High School is located in Hollywood, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My review for HBHS was not an accurate representation of HBHS. I attend STEM Academy of Hollywood, which is VERY different from HBHS. STEM is a separate Pilot school that operates in the same campus, but it seems that GreatSchools doesn't know that. HBHS seems unsafe and not as effective as STEM, and I wouldn't recommend it, especially because there is some gang activity. At STEM students participate in PBL Projects based on their pathways (Medical or Engineering), have opportunities to take AP, Honors and other advanced courses, as well as college classes. My experience at STEM so far has been great, the teachers and administration are very supportive and effective. The school keeps getting better both academically and in the community.
Ah yes, Helen Bernstein High School. I was a Student there and thank heavens I left after 2 years spent into that school, and I like to share that. First off, the Principal there is not a Principal; its a person put in charge at the last second because no one wanted to be Principal of that School, plus the last principal there left, knowing that it isn't worth caring for this school. Additionally, I've seen the Principal, on rare occasions, mistreat their students even though they haven't did something wrong. The Staff there, nothing much to say, but they are much hardworking than the Principal to be honest. The teachers there are teachers, however, I felt some of them just want to work at another school, mainly due to the amount of students they've seen slack off or something. As for students, this is one of the key factors on why this school is terrible. Students in this school are just people who just want to hang out with friends or don't want to do anything there, and the teachers/principal isn't doing any encouragement or something helpful towards them, causing a harsh tardy rate to rise, even truancy. Lastly, the school setting itself. The bathrooms are the dirtiest sight I've ever seen, same for the lunch room, and even the stairwell, it seems the Janitors aren't doing their job or they simply slack off. As for the classrooms, they look like a clean sight. Overall, this isn't the school for people who want to take their education seriously, this isn't a school at all, its more like a former shadow of all the other professional schools around the neighborhood. So parents, please do not send your kids to this school. That is all i have to share about this sorry excuse for a "Professional" High school, please make the correct choice and choose the high school that'll benefit you in your education.
I have been a teacher at Helen Bernstein High School since it first opened. The school has come a long way since its first year, and I'm proud to be a part of such a dynamic team. My fellow teachers are hard-working professionals who really care about challenging the students, and preparing them to succeed in college. I continue to be impressed with the character and abilities of our students. I have always found that young people are willing and eager to work hard when the teachers engage their interest and respect and acknowledge each student's unique gifts. I have taught at other schools, both public and private, but I have found such a warm and positive community at HBHS that I am here to stay.
I am a former student of Helen Bernstein High School, and I would have to say that this school is not worth sending your child to. When I entered college, I was behind from all my peers in my courses because their high schools had much more competitive academics than this school ever had for me. Your child will be put in a classroom environment that does not challenge them and not benefit them for college. However, I would say that the STEM academy is probably the best choice if you have to send your kids to this school because they are doing well and are still progressing. The teachers in STEM work with the students and challenges them based on their past achievements and improvements. During my time in this school, I have seen drug deals, prostitution, gang crime, and many more both during school hours and non school hours but still on campus. Be very careful when sending your child to this school. It may have improved since the few years I left that place, but I highly doubt in little time.
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