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Edison High School

Huntington Beach, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2440


Edison High School
21400 Magnolia
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 962-1356
Edison High School is located in Huntington Beach, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Administration deliberately kept my son out of school for 3 weeks. My son is a new incoming student and his father lives around the corner. I was told by the head the head principal that they don't have to let my child in their school. They did everything they could to slow down the process. In addition, they were hostile toward me. Also, administration does not own the school and they can't decide to keep a child out of school because they don't like him. I am completely aware that they were discriminating against me and my child, and I am completely aware that they were trying to slow down the process so much that I would get frustrated and give up. That's illegal! No, I don't advocate when a child misbehaves and I understand when a child needs to be discipline. However, administration acted like a kid in a candy store when they got a hold of information that made my child look like an undesirable candidate. They gleefully kept my son out of school. It was a great time at my sons expense. I don't feel lucky that my son is attending that school anymore, not after the way the treated him. I don't think they are so great anymore.
There are several good teachers and some bad teachers. This school is very cliquey and gossipy. Most students here are open to different sexual orientations. There are a lot of "skinheads" or wanna be punk rock kids that are prejudice towards other races, yet this is a white bred school so there arent many people they pick on. Also the "punk" "skater" and "skinhead" folk seem to always want to start fights with everyone because they think its cool. Overall my experience is and will most likely continue to be poor while I am attending Edison. Honestly the atmosphere is really depressing in my opinion and several of my other friends opinions. A lot of people I know just want to die when they are on the Edison campus. That being said if you find a group that suits you well here you should be fine.
My daughter is a new student at Edison/Freshman, came from another district and we were not sure if academically this school would be on par. However, we are so happy - the teachers are wonderful! Vibrant, interesting, challenges the kids, and motivates them. Could not be happier, but to be honest (and realistic) 4 out of her 5 teachers she is learning a great deal from. This is a great school! Hope it continues to be.
The athletic programs have grossly gone down hill under the leadership of the current principal and athletic director. The school is currently being investigated by the US Debt. of ED for tittle IX violations as well as the Debt. of Fair Employment for gender discrimination. They care more about headlines than the student's best interest. There is no accountability at the highest level. IT's a terrible disappointment from where the school's standards used to be.
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