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Worthington Elementary School

Inglewood, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 393


Worthington Elementary School
11101 South Yukon Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90303
(310) 680-5350
Worthington Elementary School is located in Inglewood, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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I'm a student who came from this school and learned a lot from it. It's not perfect and could be better. But as I got older, the teachers I had got much more involved with the students. I had a teacher that even try to get us to a field-trip to a college. Unfortunately, they don't manage the school's money properly but I'm sure if more parents are involved, it will help. Easier said than done but it's not impossible .
My son attended this school for 1 school year only Kinder and the teacher was never there all through the week he had multiple of teachers trough out the school year finally at the end he was learning to something but not enough he was falling behind. This school and all the schools in Inglewood need to step it up I transferred my son to Westchester school. Inglewood district needs to give up all the schools to LAUSD. This problem with schools in Inglewood go back since I attended 1990's thru 2000. My parents didn't know better but I do and made a change for my son. GET IT TOGETHER INGLEWOOD FORCE THE PARENTS TO BE INVOLVED AND PUT MORE MONEY INTO THE SCHOOLS HAVE MORE FUNDRAISERS. So sad.
I need some advice. my son is 5. he was in an early education center since he was 3. That being said, when he entered kindergarden he was one step ahead. I have never had a problem with his behavior. At home his behavior is well, with anyone else he behaves. He does however, have a lot of energy. BUT, ever since he entered kinder i get nothing but bad reports from school. He is at the point to be suspended. He has been kicked out of class once. My first reaction was to be pist. But there is a gut feeling that there is more than him just misbehaving. Today I had to sit in class to observe, as a condition for my son to re enter class. I want to be reasonable,and give his teacher the benefit of the doubt. I find out that for almost 6 months my son did not have a desk. I went to ikea and bought him a table and chair for him to use. I dont mind at all to do this. But, I just cant stop thinking where has my kid been put all along. I ask him and he says that when ever someone is absent that is the seat he takes. I feel really bad for my kid. I feel like I let him down. I hate this school. There have been other little things that just dont seem right.
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