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Leuzinger High School

Lawndale, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1925


Leuzinger High School
4118 West Rosecrans Avenue
Lawndale, CA 90260
(310) 263-2200
Leuzinger High School is located in Lawndale, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Reviews4 Reviews

I'm currently attending this school and, highly believe it is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My advice to you is to not pay attention to test scores because those don't indicate whether a school is good or bad. I love the variety of electives and academies available at Leuzinger high. Fun fact; our school is considered a historical monument due to the 1932 summer Olympics taking place here. Most teachers here are really loved by students; ESPECIALLY MR. SMITH (the best teacher ever.) Our main building is currently going under construction, I've seen the layout for the construction and it looks awesome. The school's current looks are a 8/10. However I would recommend stricter disciplinary consequences for the immense amount of disrespect certain students give teachers. Overall an awesome school. P.S. MR. SMITH ROCKS!
Even though I've only been here for senior year, this school was way better than the previous school I attended; the teachers are thourough with their lectures, counselors are helpful, admin encourage you to do better, the students are more accepting of each other, etc. I was told that it was a "bad school" but it's not. I went to an Academy, for 3 years, the admin and students gave me anxiety which lead to my depression. Fortunately, my depression went away after my second week of senior year. Overall, I'm grateful that I had a memorable senior year. Thank you, to those who always stood by me, and believed that I would graduate on time, Class of 2014.
They are making progress but still lots of room for improvement. Classes are improving but hopefully they continue to improve the training of support staff so they know how to help parents and students better.
I currently attend Leuzinger High School and a lot has changed throughout my 3 years....but if there's one thing that hasn't changed is the pride and school spirit that the school still seems to express. The only problem that I find to be real annoying is the huge construction site that is stood in the middle of the school which makes the school seem small. Another problem I've discovered was the lacking of respect for two sports at Leuzinger. Those two sports would be Baseball and Softball. Growing up I heared of the rich history Leuzinger's baseball had...Leuzinger Baseball was once the most talked about sport on campus but throughout the years it just totally changed. The reason why I know this is because local Alumni ballplayers have told me this and they hate hearing about the criticism their School receives especially when it is about the Baseball Team. The current baseball team is in a major restoration due to the lack of players who Do Not attend the school due to bad publicity.Ive seen the amount of hard work the baseball team endures but their hard work never seems to pay off at the end.Special Thanks to the alumni ballplayers, Your voice Is what Matters! #OlympianPride