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Frazier Mountain High School

Lebec, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 263


Frazier Mountain High School
700 Falcon Way
Lebec, CA 93243
(661) 248-0310
Frazier Mountain High School is located in Lebec, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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My students, five, are contributing members of society. They participate in the democratic process. They are inquisitive caring people.
I’m a current student at FMHS and needless to say, it’s probably one of the worst schools you could possibly go to. Everything is so disorganized and they can barely make an event run smoothly. Most of the time the events are cancelled because the school has very little money to fund them. 80% of the teachers are absolute trash and I can only tolerate two of them. Not to mention the school lacks in the academic area. I don’t even know if we even have any advanced courses. I think your only chance of gaining an average education is if you join Academy. Even then, I don’t think this school would ever live up to anyone’s expectations. Ever.
This school does not properly prepare kids for college or even expects or encouraged them to get into college
This school is definitely not the greatest despite all the 5 star reviews submitted previously. I was a student here for 3 years graduating in 2013 and then helped out as a coach for 1 year about 2 years later. As a student but even more so as a coach I can give the real story on what goes on " behind the curtains " so to speak. Even though academic quality has gone up in the past couple years it still pretty poor overall. Many teachers don't hold students to a high academic standard and sometimes let the students turn in assignments after they're due. That;s one thing you certainly won't get away with in college. As for sports, there are a couple teams that have seen great success but most of them have trouble winning any games. There is a unhealthy focus on football despite this team's continous lack of success throughtout the school's 20 year history with no sign that upcoming years will be any different despite the hype that comes with every new season. The administration at this school is also not the best. Needless to say they try to make up their rules & do their best to cover up their actions. I basically caught them red-handed and for this I was let go of as a coach.I would recommend sending your kid to this school.. Unless your kid is naturally gifted and can get As on everything despite the quality of the teachers, don't expect them to be ready for college.
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