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Powell Academy For Success

Long Beach, CA
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 1079


Powell Academy For Success
150 Victoria Street
Long Beach, CA 90805
(310) 631-8794
Powell Academy For Success is located in Long Beach, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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they need to handle bullying by teachers
This school overall is good on it's own, the environment is great, it being K-8 really helps parents a lot especially when the students are siblings. The teachers are nice, the staff are fun and nice to chat to and it's fairly organized.The problems here are mainly:1. How they handle bullying. - It's easier said than done... and this school needs to think of ways to handle it better because, believe me... when I have children, I am never going to bring them here.2. The number of fights.- Students get physical even though the lessons are on self-control and on conversation skills or "I-Messages." ISOLATE, I repeat ISOLATE the students involved until the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, it will help.3. Phone using and other issues against conduct.- Students use their phones when told not to which is really disappointing. The students tend to get creative to do what they're not allowed to. I advise doing an additional consequence but do not announce it, if the students don't know, they would have the habit of doing it again, once they repeat it for a number of times, the maximum consequence would affect them.Pretty much, the main problem here is how they handle students, everything else is fine. I for one studied well enough to succeed above average.
i had an issue with my sons teacher so I emailed principal Mrs.Claflin and she responded that same day and the matter was resolved in no time
I as a student of the school can tell that this school is not good my years of being there has brought me good memories most bad. When I first started there in 3rd grade the first thing that happened was I got punched in the nose. I currently am in 7nth grade. Later in 4 or 5th grade I got beat up again. I had blood on my lip & going down my eye lids. This school is more like a prison. You must be careful of where you step. The homework intensity is insane. Some teachers are friendly depending what grade your child goes into. My experience at Colin Powell has brought me such shame & misery I couldn't begin where to start. I strongly Advise you as a Parent or student to reconsider. The meals are awful as well. As for the staff & faculty members they need to clean up their act.
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