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Santa Rita Elementary School

Los Altos, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 524


Santa Rita Elementary School
700 Los Altos Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 559-1600
Santa Rita Elementary School is located in Los Altos, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American
Two or more races

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Santa Rita embodies the Silicon Valley. All means all, and this means students from advantaged, higher socioeconomic families are in class and learning alongside classmates from students who did not grow up with the advantages and whose families may struggle to make ends meet. My older child spent 7 years here and my younger one is one year in. I feel so incredibly fortunate we get to call this school ours. Santa Rita staff works hard and is intentional to create community building events that celebrate its diversity. As for academics, they are known in LASD as being leaders in designing instruction and trying out programs that take all kids - gifted and struggling - into account. I do not believe the ratings from GreatSchools take Santa Rita's unique population into account. If you could see a student's progress from the time they enter to the time they leave, it would look a lot different than what we see on here. As for the ratings on here that seem to target and nitpick specific teachers and situations into account, I would caution people reading them to know there are always people at the tail end of the bell curve but my experience has always been if you approach people politely, respectfully, and rationally, you get a lot farther in solving your problems.
My family is so grateful our children can attend Santa Rita! We are 6 years in and have another 7 to go! With super strong academics, a focus on building empathy and strong character, and an amazing community of supportive educators and parents, choosing our neighborhood school Santa Rita over our local charter school was the best decision we could have made for our family. The data about advocating for those with low-income is skewed and the data about standardized test scores to further support our wonderful all our schools in LASD are, including Santa Rita. There were several teachers that retired at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, which might be the turnover comment below and the stats above sort of point to that. After school programs include drawing, chess, Mathletes in Training, tennis lessons, and a coding class. Mandarin Immersion is also available as an after school class. Santa Rita's amazing!
There is bullying. Teachers do not believe the child. They do not believe when my daughter is beaten by boys from another class.
Our experience echoes the negative reviews. Parents with older children who attended Santa Rita years ago said it used to be a good school. But that is no longer the case as they have seen a difference with their younger kid’s ‘education’. By all accounts the good teachers have left. There is a high turnover of teachers under the current Principal. Also, we experienced frequent staff absences resulting in many substitute teachers who are even worse. At our parent’s the teacher was chewing gum, was distracted by her cell phone and was reading off the grade’s curriculum without reference to our child. Her classroom looked like it had been trashed. She didn’t seem to care. Laughing it off as an activity the kids had done 4 days ago! Homework is optional up to grade 4. At the end of year open house, the higher-grade classes were full of goofy videos and photos of school trips because there is very little work that the kids have done during the year to display. A special education teacher who was from another school for a few months revealed to us that our son’s bullying was very badly handled by the Santa Rita teachers. She is not the only person to have worked at the school and complained about it. Some parents working during recess and/or volunteering have told us they went to complain to the Principal about the racial slurs and bullying, and he says he won’t do anything, as much is already being done with the ‘Project Corner Stone’ for which they have received ‘awards’. He refuses to act and respond to specific concerning events. It is always the kid’s ‘imagination’ and parents must never ‘complain’. We have met parents who have moved their kids from Santa Rita to Bullis Charter, and private schools in the area, because their kids were not doing well and importantly were not happy at this school. They are much happier now in other schools. We expected not perfection but much higher standards from a “Los Altos Great School”. The camouflage over this school with narcissistic remarks and inflated praise must be removed because children’s education, well-being and safety is at stake. Elementary school is the most important time for laying down the foundation in education and learning. All kids deserve a better start than what Santa Rita has to offer.
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