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Annandale Elementary School

Los Angeles, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 165


Annandale Elementary School
6125 Poppy Peak Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 254-9168
Annandale Elementary School is located in Los Angeles, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My daughter had been going to this school since preschool. Unfortunately, ever since the new principal, Ms. Vega, came in the school has been going down hill. She is a bad leader, plain and simple. She gives off the feeling that she does not want parents or the community involved in her school. So much so that she continuously avoided questions at a Coffee with the Principal meeting from parents about volunteering opportunities on campus! I let my daughter finish out the school year and she is enrolled at a new school this school year. Annandale has low enrollment because of the principal.
My son was a transfer student and this school welcomed him with open arms. Anytime their were any issues the vice principal Mr. Emrich was on point. He always new what to do and how to help. Most of the teachers care and work really hard to make sure your child excels. There are only two down sides of this school and if u had asked me last year there would only be one. 1. There is No Parking. (Anywhere) Having said this if u really think about it lack of parking is cosmetic when it comes to your child's education. But....2. The new principal. Ms. ... Is the worst principle I've ever met. (And I've seen/ met lots of principles) a.) she is unorganized b.) when she causes a problem She dose Not expect responsibility. She blames others or denies it. c.) she is merely a mouth peace for the district. Sadly the list of things wrong with her go on. However when this woman is taken out of the equation of wether or not this is a Great School the answer is most definitely yes. So despite a horrible new principal I would choose this school any day over any other school in the area.
Our grandson was fortunate enough to be a recipient of such an educational beginning. The school s motto says it all, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. This adage can be applied to every life by everyone; young and old. This is what our children are coming away from Annandale with. With strong leadership being implemented by our ever tireless principal, Gabriel Arreguin, a solid administrative team including educators, aides, staff members, parent volunteers and our community as a whole, Annandale is in my opinion, one of the best elementary schools in the LAUSD because you know that these young minds are in good hands. No one could overlook the clean, shiny, mirror-like, linoleum floors. At one glance you can see that this school is carefully cared for and cared about. Annandale encourages school pride, responsibility and respect for one another as well as themselves. He still tears up when he thinks about his 6th graduation ceremony and the thought of his not returning to his Annandale family but he also says that when he graduates Morehouse that he wants to go back to Annandale and be a teacher. As he says, Annandale Rocks.
This school has gone downhill since the new principal, Mr. Arreguin, took over. My daughter is in a small classroom with 35 kids this year, and she was in a combo class last year almost as big! The former principal knew the names of all the students and was very friendly. The teachers I've talked to are also quite unhappy. I am pulling my daughter out as soon as Celerity accepts her.
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