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David Wark Griffith Middle School

Los Angeles, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1519


David Wark Griffith Middle School
4765 East Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90022
(323) 266-7400
David Wark Griffith Middle School is located in Los Angeles, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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It was terrible. Unfair and inneffective staff. Teacher bias rampant. I was a student here a few years back and it was the worst learning environment I have experienced with the constant bullying throughout the school. Parents if you are thinking of sending your kid to Griffith DONT do it. There are so many other schools that your kid can thrive in, but Griffith is not that school.
I hate GMS but the one thing the is for sure is the friendships. You will make friendships at GMS that will last century's. Also some teachers will go out of their way and go the extra mile and imapct your life so hard. Overall do not judge GMS based on my review go visit it and you will say this website got it all wrong.
Pretty good . As a student there, I'll tell you academic wise it isnt as bad as this wrbsite tells you. WE HAVE average and even above average test scores. Emotion wise and disciplinary wisd this school is far from graet. Were a steam magnet school now, but children still havent learned how to be nice or well behaved.
I myself am a student at this great school, and Griffith has taught me many things. Griffith has taught me, and many others, to be good people, to respect each other, to be safe, make good choices, and to strive to achieve high goals, not only in our education, but in life as well. They push us to do better everyday and try hard to give us opportunities that we can not get at other schools. They were able to bring college classes to our school to prepare us for the future. Recently, a boy was stabbed, not in, mind you, but in front of the school. Some people will say that the school is horrible. But they only heard that one story. You cant judge someone or something by one story. That is only one of their aspects, it does not define what their whole personality really is. Griffith is a great school and my second home. As an eight grader, I am deeply sadend to leave. But i must, because if I stay it will be denying all the hard work that they have done to get me to great heights. Griffith is great.
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