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Menlo Avenue Elementary School

Los Angeles, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 498


Menlo Avenue Elementary School
4156 Menlo Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90037
(323) 232-4291
Menlo Avenue Elementary School is located in Los Angeles, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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If you want to rank this school, based its value on the API scores. At 754, this school is close to a score of 800, which is the state goal. For an inner city school, with a limited amount of resources, this is not only excellent--- but exceptional! People may have their personal opinions about the school's leadership, but the test scores speak volume; the students are learning here.
Menlo Avenue Elementary School has gone through many changes and very dangerous times. For example, we have had several principals and vice-principals come and go, including teachers. Some of the dangerous moments were unexpected lockdown due to shootings in our neighborhood. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel because I have witness many former Menlo students who are now young adults in college or working. My hat is off to the many hard and caring ones who worked their best at Menlo Avenue Elementary School.
I miss u Menlo : ) was there from "k" 1984 through "5" 1989.... At that time the teachers were awesome use to live litterly across from the dinosaur meusium, at that time all the meusiums were free so that use to be our playground. The culusium bought us out and they turn it into a parking lot for football games and a park next to it. Does anyone know if 32st market is still there? I am dying to know! The exposition park use to have after school programs so that was Luke my second home, I still remember my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lopez. Great Memories : )
The new leader is race oriented. Principal Jones has let go of veteran school workers and teachers because of budget cuts but has rehired new staff particularly of her race. She was even overheard talking to a secretary about hiring someone and she asked, "Are they hispanic?" Don't believe me? Check out for yourself. If I am actually wrong, then I will be glad things have been restored but I sincerely doubt it. She also defends BAD STUDENTS of her race. Need an example? How about the kid (sorry, I don't know his name) whose mother volunteers at the school who was caught stealing (robbing) jewelry from younger students... she grabbed him right before he made his entry to the office immediately after he was reported and an ignorant office worker even said, "But that cannot be true, he wouldn't do that; his mother works here." I don't know if this kid is still there, but he always did plenty of bad things like this; it really bothers me that negative behavior of such can occur with adults' knowledge and go unpunished and even defended! I attended this school decades ago and I even worked there, both times under Principal Chandler. But now, I definitely would not send my kids there.
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